About The Entrepreneurial Educator: Designing for the 21st Century

Offered by Sonoma State University and taught by Dr. Paul Porter and Entrepreneur-in-Residence Mark Nelson, this course highlights the role of entrepreneurial thinking in contemporary education. Based on core modules, it covers defining features of entrepreneurialism in education, including becoming an economic unit of one, overcoming obstacles and failing forward, rethinking risk, and building alignment with business-education connections.

Who Should Take This Course

Offered as a 'massively open online course' (MOOC), the course is open to participants from around the world as well as local California educators. Teachers, administrators, educational leaders and stakeholders in schools and educational institutions are encouraged to enroll and join our network exploring the concepts of entrepreneurial education. There is no enrollment fee to register for the course.

click button:  self assessment quiz:  how entrepreneurial are you?Course Dates and Delivery

The Entrepreneurial Educator launches on June 23, 2014. Participants may engage with the material at their own pace, with new modules and opportunities for your exploration, learning and engagement opening every week. The course closes on August 11, 2014

This online course was conceived and produced collaboratively by Sonoma State's School of Business and Economics and School of Education and is hosted on Canvas.net's open online learning platform. Anyone with a computer or mobile device with high speed internet access can access the course.

Course Outline:

  • Week 1     Introduction and Overview
  • Week 2     Awakening Relevant Purpose
  • Week 3     Becoming an Economic Unit of One
  • Week 4     Rethinking Risk
  • Week 5     Adaptability and Agility 
  • Week 6     Building a Life Portfolio
  • Week 7     Wrap Up;  Tying It Together



Course Content:

  • Seven Core Entrepreneurial Modules
  • Comprehensive Course Videos
  • Question and Answer (Q&A) Discussion Boards 
  • Instructor-based video responses to the Question and Answer (Q&A) Discussion Boards during Modules #1-2 and #4-5
  • Live Office Hours with Instructors during Module #3 and Module #6  (Wednesday, July 9th and July 30th at 5:15pm PST)
  • Course Chat with Participants (open 24-hours a day)
  • Social media connections and resources via Twitter hashtag #edupreneur