SSU EH&S Recommended Ergonomic Producs


Vendor Name Contact Name Contact Phone
Ed Bronson (707) 575-8200 x202
All Advent products are now a straight 45% off plus tax for Sonoma State University. Please note that returns have a 25 % handling and restocking fee. The primary items are now in red to assist with self help ordering. Most installations can be completed at no cost by in-house Customer Service Work Order. Advent installation charges will vary. Freight is included in all prices except adjustable tables.
# Product Description Part # Estimated Price SSU PRICE 45% Off
A1 Standard Banana Board w/ 22" deep pinnacle arm Workrite standard tray with sliding banana mouse support for left or right handed use 2128-22J $407 $235.50
A2 Workrite Standard articulating tray Dual mouse platform articulating keyboard tray with gelrite wrist rest and 22" deep pinnacle arm 2112-22J $318 $184
A3 Articulating Keyboard tray Humanscale articulating tray with dual 10" swivel mouse platforms. Prices for standard adjustment and next generation 4G mechanism 5G 900 12 DF





A4 Swing Arm Articulating arm for flat panel displays. Standard extends 23 inches and extended reaches 30 inches.

C-clamp type SA1000-B
wall mount SA1000-WM-B
Extended w/ C-clamp




A5 Humanscale mouse platform 10 inch platform for mouse. Replaces smaller size Left side - 12L
Right side - 12R
$46 $23
A6 Workrite Document/ Writing Platform Adjustable document works with face; two widths: 11" and 17" to accommodate document requirements. Model 2550
Model 2560
$120 (11")
$130 (17")
A7 In-Line Document Holder Steel weighted platform with Adjustable angle and height. 11" is part # 2550
17" is part # 2560
$ 141
$ 152
$ 82
$ 88
A8 Adjustable Corner Diagonal Platform that bridges the gap between the corners of your desk adding more workspace for keyboard tray. 179ACD $ 59 $ 34
OfficeMax N/A 800-472-6473 or
# Product Description Part # Estimated Price SSU DISCOUNT
B1 3M Standard Document Holder Document holder sits on the sek top betweeen the monitor and the user


Std 3M part # is DH640

$109.99 $57.02
B2 Adjustable Height Utility Table Easy height adustment from 21.5 to 30.5 inches without tools
24" x 48" top
E8AM3036G2QQ $284.80 $150
B3 Monitor Riser Block Interlocking, stackable blocks raise monitor at correct viewing height in 1" increments. S64800 $9.70 each $8.59 each
B4 Fellowes Wrist Rest Soft rubber and material wrist rest. Can also be cut in half and used for two calculator wrist rests 19" long. E651457 $7.45 each $7.15 each
Ali Med
# Product Description Part # Estimated Price SSU DISCOUNT
C1 Book Rest/Document Holder Document holder that holds up to 3" thick or paper documents. Folds flat. VC73254 $21.99 $21.99
C2 Soft Edge Pads hard or sharp edge on work surface. For users that complete tasks requiring leaning on work surface. 30" VC70459
6 foot VC70452
C3 Lumbar Pillow Half roll lumbar pillow VC60136 $16.99 $16.99
C4 Adjustable Stand Adjustable angle document holder with adjustable line guide. Works great for in-line document holding. Folds flat. 14 inches wide. RA74711 $39.99 $39.99
CDW Government Inc. Moe Askar

Direct: (312) 705-3333 Toll Free: (877)800-3209

# Product Description Part # Estimated Price SSU DISCOUNT
D1 Turbo Mouse 4 Button design, programmable for both left and right handed users INP0626 $39.95 $39.95
D2 Adesso Nu-Form Keyboards Split keyboard design, keeps elbows, arms, and wrists away from torso. 3 models to choose from: W/ Touchpad, Basic IN8458 $69.95 $69.95
D3 Adesso Powermouse for Imac One button standard size mouse for IMAC w/ USB connector VW64805 $24.95 $24.95
D4 Microsoft Natural Elite 2.0 Split Keyboard Contoured and split keyboard design keyboard for pc IN9260 $34.30 $34.30
D5 Basic Keyboard with USB Connector Standard keyboard for G3 or newer Mac with USB Connectors INP2034 $44.95 $44.95
D6 Logitech's trackman Marble Three buttons, assign functions to third button, w/ softare to customize. trackman Marble+ #285989; trackman Marble FX #390824 trackman Marble+ $30.00; trackman Marble FX $59.00 trackman Marble+ $30.00; trackman Marble FX $59.00
D7 USB Cable Extension 6' USB Extension Cable Part# 094417 List Price: $9.96 Our Price: $6.50
Phone Supplements Raj Daniel (800) 742-0800
Products in red are most commonly recommended.
# Product Description Part # Estimated Price SSU DISCOUNT
F1 Supra Monaural One ear reception w/ headband and soft foam ear cushion H51 $79.00 $47.40
F2 Amplifier Needed for digital multi-number phones M12 $120.00 $72.00
F3 Single Line Phone w/ Dial Pad Must use on all single line Model 1033 and 103 phone and headset T10 $110.00 $66.80
F4 Cordless Single Line Phone w/ Dial Pad and Combo Headset Must use on all single line Model 1033 and 103 phone CT10 $130.00 $93.60
F5 Cordless Amplifier and Combo Headset for Multi-Line Telephone Must use on all multi-line ericsson and Nortel phones CS10 $299.95 $180.00
F6 Supra Mono Headset Set Mono over the head type headset that connects directly to Nortel dual line phone without the use of an additional amplifier
P251N $144.00 $86.40
F7 Wireless Office Headset System Headset and Base. For remote answer capability this must be bundled with item F8 CS 50   $186.00
F8 Receiver Lifter Must be used with multi line cordless phone headset to control base phone receiver HL10 $79.95 $48.00
F9 Cordless Amplifier for Multi-Line Telephone Must use on all multi-line ericsson and Nortel phones in conjunction with a headset and receiver lifter CA10 $259.95 $156.00
F10 Deskphone Adapter Bluetooth headset for cell phone that will also pickup your office (land) line. Must be used with the Voyager 510 Bluetooth headset. 500A $229.95 $148.79
United Corporate Furnishing
/SSU Procurement
Tylynn Benton
Mandy Bauman

916-830-4219 or
For color samples, please contact x43979

# Product Description Part # Estimated Price SSU Discount
(71.5 % off)
G1 Criterian Mid-back Seat pan adjust 4535330DW $1,020.00 $332.63
G2 Criterian High back Seat pan adjust 4535331DW $1,064.00 $346.84
G3 Sensor Chair One piece back 4581436W $1,188.00 $387.44
Office Relief Deborah Johnson (916)817-6275 Quickest response by email providing her a call back phone number
# Product Description Part # List Price SSU Price + Tax
H1 Mouse Bridge Adaptables mouse bridge which supports mouse over keyboard MB-01   $19.16
H2 Goldtouch Keyboard Ergonomic 0-30 degree horizontal and vertical keyboard GTU-0033   $110.46
H3 Kensington Keyboard Horizontal separated keyboard
Note: Request USB type plug
64338   $19.99
H4 Logitech Optical mouse Optical mouse with scroll wheel 930495-0403   $29.95
H5 Roller Mouse Contour Desing Roller Mouse
Contour Design Roller Mouse PRO

H6 Monitor Riser VuRyte 2" incremental monitor risers 4800   $8.95
H7 Inline document holder Adaptables in line document holder 10.5" X 16" clear plastic w/ guide SLG   $47.96
H8 Inline document holder VuRyte inline document holder with guide and 1" monitor riser built in 14" wide - VU14SL
18" wide - VU18SL


H9 Inline Document holder 3M in-line document holder 11"H X 18"W DH640   $57.85
H10 Booklift/document holder Fellowes Booklift copyholder 11.75" W X 9.75"H 21100   $11.95
H11 Comfort Point Wrist Support Palm support that connects to mouse to stabilize wrist to minimize wrist and finger movement CP1100P: Large Right
CP1300P:Small Right
CP1200P: Left Large
CP1400P: Small Left
Feng Shui Emporium 800-443-5894
# Product Description Part # Estimated Price SSU Price
I1 Mirror for Monitor 4" X 18" mirror that can be mounted on top or side of monitor for viewing visitors coming into office

4" x 18"