How to Become Our Industry Partner

A key element of our program’s success is its strong partnership with local industry who provide advice, technical resources, equipment, internships and volunteers. Corporate and technical professional organizations work with our Engineering program because it successfully produces high-quality engineers that industry needs. Our industry partners assist us with any of the following needs:

  1. Mentorship & Field Trips

    Provide engineers and technical professionals as Mentors to our students. The role of a mentor will be to advise the student to prepare for a successful career in the real world. Mentors are encouraged to assist with arranging educational and recruiting field trips in order to reinforce and enhance students' interest in engineering by seeing some great leading-edge projects at various companies.

  2. Internship

    Offer undergraduate and graduate student internship opportunities at your company. Internship opportunities can be offered during the summer and in some cases throughout the year for employers to recruit talented students and for students to gain valuable industry experience on state-of-the art technology as well as for financial rewards.

  3. Instructors & Lecture Series

    We regularly search for experts who can teach undergraduate and graduate courses (or workshops) to bring practical knowledge into the classrooms and interact with the students more closely. We also rely on the engineering and technical professionals in our community to share their state-of-the art technologies with our faculty and students. The objective of the lecture series is to expose students to topics and careers in engineering with the intention of helping guide their future course and career choices.

  4. Equipment/Software Donations

    We welcome donation of equipment to the department’s Electrical Engineering laboratories for hands-on experience by our EE Faculty and students. For more information about Department’s current test equipment need please contact the Department Chair.

  5. Host a Hack-a-thon and offer Prizes

    Introduce your new system, platform, or device to the students. Through a Hack-a-thon you can ask our students to develop new applications for your system or platform. We can also setup a test station for them to test and characterize your device.

  6. Sponsor a Senior Design Project

    The senior design project course is the cornerstone of our EE program at SSU. This is a two-semester course (EE 492-493), which starts with covering general topics such as defining problem statements, engineering and customer requirements, mastering presentation techniques, building a successful team, understanding project management and identifying the project goals and milestones. The second part of the capstone course begins in Spring, focusing on prototyping development, testing, and product validation. See the article titled "Generating Start-up Relevance in Capstone Projects" to learn more about our overall philosophy in implementing the senior design project. Click on Senior Design Project Examples to learn more about our previous projects.

    As a senior deign project sponsor, you can provide the materials and an unrestricted donation to cover any student team's expenses to produce a functional prototype of their design solution. The requirements are specified and budgets are finalized with the student team before the prototypes are built. You can also mentor a project and provide technical support to students.

Company Sponsorship Level
Keysight Technologies 5-Star Rating
National Instruments 4-Star Rating
Pocket Radar 4-Star Rating
Dew Mobility 3-Star Rating

Become Our FIVE STAR Industry Partner!