Jobs and Internships

Graduate Assistantships

As and when needed, the department hires MSCES students as graduate assistants to teach undergraduate courses, conduct laboratory sessions or assist a faculty member in teaching, etc. Interested graduate students should check with the department office about the availability of such jobs.

MSCES Internship

All MSCES students are required to complete one unit of Internship (CES 591) related to the area of their study. It is the student's responsibility to find an internship position. All internship positions must be approved in advance by the MSCES Program Coordinator. Steps to complete your internship are as follow:

  1. Students are encouraged to complete their internship position in Summer. Students need to search for internship positions several months ahead. Please contact the Program Coordinator if you need more information.
  2. After finding a position the student must complete the Internship Agreement Form and submit it to the department for approval. Have your on Site Supervisor sign this form and return it to the ES Department. This form must also be signed by the Department Chair and School Dean.
  3. Complete the registration form and submit it to the office of Extended Education, located in Stevenson Hall, room 1012. Other methods of registrations are described in How To Register.
  4. Following completion of the internship position the student must do two things:
    1. Complete and submit the Internship Program Evaluation Form.
    2. Schedule a brief presentation with at least two faculty members in the department. Talk to your advisor for scheduling a presentation time.
  5. The final grade for internship (CES 591) will be submitted by the advisor after the presentation.

Jobs & Internships

Just Announced, 10/27/2014:

Keysight Technologies has the following full-time positions:

Keysight also has the following intern opportunities:

Send your resumes to Dagmar Meach, Recruiting Program Manager, stating for which position you are applying.

Research Opportunity

The AITIS Laboratory is seeking 4 Student Research Assistants for the following areas:

  1. Deployment of an Environmental Sensor Network (ESN) in Fairfield Osborn Preserve
  2. Applications of accelerometers in body position monitoring

The positions are funded until December 2014 and both graduate and undergraduate students are encouraged to apply. Selected candidates will have the opportunity to travel and attend at least one conference. The positions are available immediately. For more information please contact Dr. Farid Farahmand.

Resources for Students

ES Faculty & Staff Openings

Regular Faculty Positions

Currently there is no regular faculty opening.

Applicant Pool for Adjunct/Temporary Faculty Positions

The Department of Engineering Science has created a pool of qualified candidates who can teach undergraduate and/or graduate courses in the department. The Department continuously accepts applications from the interested qualified individuals to be added to this pool. Generally, a Ph.D. in electrical engineering or a closely related field is required, but applicants with a master's degree in electrical engineering with at least five years of relevant experience are also welcomed to apply. The applications are reviewed by the ES faculty. Those candidates who are found to be qualified and having expertise in the department's areas of interest are, then, interviewed by the ES faculty. The successful candidates are added to the above pool. As and when the department needs additional faculty to teach a course during a semester, the department faculty selects an instructor from the above pool most appropriate to teach that course. If the chosen person accepts to teach the course, he/she is appointed as an adjunct faculty/lecturer for that semester with the approval of the School Dean and SSU Faculty Affairs. Any questions in this regard or applications to be added to the above pool may be addressed to Chairman, ES Department and e-mailed to

Regular Staff Positions

Currently there is no staff opening.