SSU Emeritus and Retired Faculty and Staff Association                    



  1. All Retirees of Sonoma State University are considered members of the SSU Emeritus and Retired Faculty Association.
  2. The Association is affiliated with and all retirees are eligible for membership in the state-wide association known as CSU-Emeritus and Retired Faculty Association (ERFA).
  3. The Association is currently funded by partial rebates of membership dues paid by Association members to CSU-ERFA.

         The purposes of this organization shall be:

  1. to help retired faculty and staff maintain a continuing and fruitful association with the University,
  2. to work for improvement of the retirement program at the University,
  3. to inform members of retirement and medical benefits through affiliation with CSU-ERFA, and
  4. to provide social and educational programs for retired faculty and staff.


  1. All positions depend on volunteers rather than by election and all board openings will be advertised in advance.  Any individual officer’s position may be held by co-officers.
  2. A President will be solicited each year, to be confirmed at the next luncheon meeting.   The President will be the contact person for the Association.
    1. Responsibilities:
      1. to preside at meetings of the Association and the Executive Committee and exercise general supervision over the affairs of the Association
      2. to initiate and respond to Association correspondence
      3. to work with the Campus Representative to strengthen retiree ties to the University
      4. to arrange for a program and negotiate the luncheon and other activities for the Association.
      5. The President or designee attends the council meetings of CSU-ERFA and keeps the membership advised of the issues under discussion (travel and per diem expense paid by CSU-ERFA).
  1. A Treasurer will be solicited yearly.
    1. Responsibilities:
      1. to assist the president and act for the president as needed
      2. to receive membership rebate from CSU-ERFA
      3. to collect luncheon payments
      4. to maintain the bank account, pay bills, and keep books
  1. An Academic Senator will be solicited each year, to be confirmed at the next luncheon meeting.  The Academic Senator shall represent the Association on the SSU Academic Senate.
  1. The Executive Committee will be composed of the President, Treasurer, Academic Senator and a minimum of two volunteers, who will be solicited yearly.
    1. Responsibilities:
      1. to solicit volunteers for President, Treasurer, Academic Senator, and Executive Committee
      2. to assist in planning programs, providing advice and consultation
      3. to act in place of an officer when necessary
      4. to conduct an evaluation survey regarding the direction of the Association yearly
      5. to plan a program which invites new retirees to become a part of the Association.


Draft revised July 2012