A Grant Awards Program. CSU-ERFA members in good standing (a membership application may be made concurrently with a grant application) may apply for funds to support research and creative projects that are in accordance with the following goals:

  1. Scholarly research on issues important to the retiree as a continuing member of an academic discipline or community.
  2. Research and scholarly projects that contribute to the quality of life of the retirees in the University system.
  3. Research and creative projects that contribute to a given academic discipline.
  4. Research pertaining to the retirement concerns of faculty within the California State University System.

Links to the complete guidelines for the Grant Awards Program and the application form are provided below. Funds for the CSU-ERFA grants are provided by the CSU-ERFA Charitable Foundation. CSU-ERFA makes a contribution of $50 to the Foundation in memory of each deceased member. Individual members and friends also may make contributions to the the CSU-ERFA Foundation to support the Grant Awards Program. (Contributions made by individual members and friends to the Foundation are tax deductible.)

Typically, one to four grant awards are made each year, and the grants range from a few hundred dollars to $1,000 in value. We expect that a total of $5,000 will be available for the 2012-13 grants program.

The deadline for the submission of proposals for the 2012-13 grant award cycle will be December 17, 2012. Proposals may be submitted anytime after May 21, 2012, but must be received by the December 17th deadline. Notification of grant awards will be made in early March of 2012. Contact CSU-ERFA headquarters at 818-718-7996 for application materials, or for more information about contributing to the CSU-ERFA Charitable Foundation.

Please note that CSU-ERFA grant recipients are required to submit a brief year-end report describing the results of their projects.

Grant Awards Program: Guidelines 2012-13 Cycle (PDF): http://csuerfa.org/pdf/2012-2013-grant-guidlines.pdf

Grant Awards Program: Application Form 2012-13 Cycle (PDF): http://csuerfa.org/pdf/2012-2013-grant-application.pdf

Grant Awards Program: Year-end Report Form (PDF): http://csuerfa.org/pdf/Year-End-Grant-Report.pdf