Applause Awards Recipients - 2004

Alan Snyder, Facilities Services

People seem to enjoy the 20 or so banners that hang at the main entrance year-round. They say it adds to the collegiate atmosphere on campus. Well, it's no easy task to put up and take down the five different banners each year. That job is done primarily by Alan Snyder. The job takes considerable time and Alan is out there, rain or shine, (translation: he's mostly roasting in the sun or dripping in the rain) making sure that the banner rotation takes place. Not only does he do a quality job, but he has an extremely positive and can-do attitude. Thanks very much, Alan, for contributing to the Sonoma experience for our students. — Nominated by Susan Kashack, Director of Communications, University Affairs Office

Bill Bayley and Katie Musick, Media Services

What a duo! Bill with his assistant, Katie, have faithfully captured the library's lecture series, week after week, including the current IT MATTERS! lecture series for streaming via the Web. This task requires a great deal of set-up, fine tuning and enormous logistical challenges, not to mention patience, humor and creativity, much of it on the fly. They have enhanced our ability to share some exciting presentations with those who can't be present. We are enormously grateful for their expertise and collaborative spirit. SSU is very fortunate to have such fine professionals in our midst. —Nominated by Barbara Butler, Dean, University Library

Claudia Bettinelli, Dee Pettis, Lisa Johnson & Lori Balestrieri, Post Office Employees

Claudia, Dee, Lisa, and Lori at the Post Office are the best-kept secret at SSU! They are efficient and organized and always helpful. Every year I mail approximately 300 copies of a journal all over the world, and not only do they welcome me (and my often overloaded cart) with a smile, they even order special envelopes and stamps ahead of time. Even boxes weighing upwards of 30 pounds don't seem to daunt them! They have my sincere gratitude for all of their annual help. — Nominated by Suzanne Toczyski, Associate Professor of French

Erica Wilcher, Operations Analyst, School of Social Sciences

Department chairs from different departments are jointly nominating Erica Wilcher, the school scheduler for the School of Social Sciences for her handling of the schedule. Erica was extremely cordial and a key factor in keeping structural tensions from becoming interpersonal ones. She was organized, efficient, creative and was and is always responsive to a constantly changing scheduling process. Thanks to her terrific ideas, scheduling has become much simpler. She is an amazing coworker with a wonderful capacity to simplify the complex and cut to the heart of problems by presenting clear and unusually innovative solutions; she minimizes confrontation with a careful and diplomatic approach to problem solving that is as welcome as it is rare. She interacted frequently with all departments with the utmost professionalism, was a consummate team player and offered her assistance to other departments. Her proactive approach, foresight, and clear understanding of both departmental and school-level processes and needs are remarkable. In summary, Erica consistently performs in an extraordinary manner and with great devotion to our departments and the campus community. The school is grateful and fortunate to have her for she is truly a gifted, dedicated staff member. — Nominated by Randall Dodgen, David McCuan, Richard Senghas, and Cindy Stearns

Facilities Building, Electric, Plumbing, Custodial and Landscaping Crews

I would love the opportunity to nominate the facilities folks for all of their efforts in helping keep Charlie Brown's Cafe and Toast running, and looking great. Pat and Tommy are always there for us for all of the really weird requests that we submit. Luz, Lori and the rest of the custodial crew in CBC just rock my world, repeatedly. Dick Ogg and his gang of electricians; Kevin, Jeff and the rest of the plumbers — what an all around great group of guys. Thanks for all of your help, and for exchanging stories about the "old days" in the morning. A final shout to the landscaping crew for keeping Toast so right and tight looking. It's a pleasure to serve such as awesome group. I am humbled as much as I am inspired. — Nominated by Tracy Ramsdell-Ray, Operations Manager, Charlie Brown's Cafe & Toast

Harvey DeLorm, Director of Engineering and his staff: Matt Bedford, Kevin Davis, Greg Fish, Rick Pearsall, George Petru, Ron Titus, and Mike Twyford

Throughout the many crises Carson Hall has experienced with heat and water problems this year, Harvey DeLorm and his staff — Matt Bedford, Kevin Davis, Greg Fish, Rick Pearsall, George Petru, Ron Titus, and Mike Twyford — have all displayed incredible patience and professionalism in dealing with this extremely frustrating situation. They have minimized the inconvenience to students, faculty and staff and have diligently worked to keep things running as smoothly as they can under the circumstances. A heartfelt THANK YOU! from all of us here at the Hutchins School.

Jack Ritchie and Michael Cullinane, University Library

I would like to nominate Jack Ritchie and Michael Cullinane for the support they provided in posting a series of articles on eReserves for one of my courses. When my fax machine at home, and the one in the departmental office, failed to send the full articles, Jack calmly found an alternative and made sure the information was there for the students. At this time of semester when everyone is rushed, it was wonderful to feel the support and professionalism of both of these library employees! — Nominated by Barbara Lesch McCaffry, Hutchins School of Liberal Studies

Kathleen Hardy, Desktop Yoga, and Human Resources Directors & Managers

I call this the "Namaste Award" and I give it to Kathleen Hardy and the the enlightened directors/managers in HR who saw the benefit of having Kathleen's wonderful Desktop Yoga included in the Employee Wellness Program allowing it to be offered gratis to SSU staff and faculty. Under Kathleen's inspiring instruction and gentle, calming manner many of us are reaping the untold benefits of including yoga in our "life path" in our SSU employment. — Nominated by Gregg Sheehan, Sponsored Programs Accountant

Kelly Mackura, Administrative Assistant, Arts and Humanities Dean's Office

Kelly has been a real pleasure to work with during the scheduling process; patient, cooperative, and always pleasant. Scheduling during this budget crisis, especially never having done it before, must have been extremely challenging. Kelly did an awesome job finding rooms, changing rooms, and maintaining her professional attitude through it all. Very impressive! — Nominated by Dolores Bainter, Mary Rogers, Collette Brutocao, Sue Foley, Merle Williams, Brenda Cloney, Shelley Martin, Cathy Stuckey, Janice Wright, and Kathy Melee.

Ken Baker, IT Department

My computer has crashed and it looked as though I was going to lose four years worth of files and work. Ken spent hours trying to recover my files and in the end he was able to do it! Helping me seemed to be a priority, even though it was the first week of classes. His expertise and efficiency were tremendous. — Nominated by Wendy Ostroff, Assistant Professor, Hutchins School

Lisa Kelley-Roche, Academic Coordinator of Sociology/Criminal Justice Administration

Having taught Introduction to Sociology for 23 years I have dealt with many assistants who work to make registration and moving the 200 students who take this class between sections possible. In all those years there have always been students who are lost in the system or who we never seem to get registered in the right sections. This year was the first year that Lisa did this work and it was flawless. I commend her for her warmth, humor and organizational skills and for making the work of teaching such a large class easier. With her help those students were served exceptionally well and it is appreciated by me and the students alike. — Nominated by Elaine Leeder, Professor of Sociology

Marguerite Saint Germain, Admissions & Records

Amid the chaos of a new semester, Marguerite went out of her way to help a harried advisor and confused transfer student. The student needed his transfer classes revaluated and was told to petition each class individually. I called Marguerite before writing my recommendations for each class. In two hours Marguerite reviewed the transcript, called Arizona State and corrected the error, giving the student three additional and important GE course credits. She saved all of us time and wasted effort. I applaud her willingness to stop, listen, and help. — Nominated by Melinda Barnard, Communication Studies Advisor

Nancy Crosat, Administrative Assistant, Department of Kinesiology

In addition to her full time job as assistant administrator to our department chairman, Nancy is all about taking care of our students. They flock to her for answers about their class schedule, eliciting her help in signing up for, dropping or adding classes, filing graduation papers, scheduling appointments with their advisors, listening to their "life" problems, supporting their successes and offering a compassionate ear for their failures and frustrations. For many of our students she is a "mom" away from home. She sincerely cares about our students and is committed to helping them have a good experience here at SSU. She is positive, friendly, helpful and caring. She demonstrates to the students that they are welcome and wanted here at SSU. She is a wonderful ambassador for our University and this department. — Nominated by C. Douglas Earl, Professor of Kinesiology

Patti Sinclair, Laura Lupei, Jessica Way (Events, Conferences and Catering), Stephanie Larcher (University Club), Tyson Hill and Ian Hannah (Student Servers), Mark Dierkhising (Executive Chef), Jason Crise and Arturo Guzman (Kitchen Staff)

We would like to nominate this group for an applause award for all their efforts to help make the Galbreath Wildlands Preserve reception and dinner a great success. The reception was in the University Club and dinner in the Terrace Room in the Commons on May 11, to honor and appreciate the donation of this land to the University. Their efforts and adaptability in the planning and execution of the evening's events helped ensure all those who attended enjoyed the events. — Nominated by Cathi Cari-Shudde, School of Science and Technology and Katrena Franco, Development Office

Ralph Shapiro, Network Analyst, Information Technology

Ralph Shapiro was extremely helpful and timely in helping me solve a faxing problem of some very important documents. He provided a clear and understandable explanation, checked out the problem thoroughly, and offered a good solution that worked. It was a pretty stressful situation, and he came through with flying colors. I think he deserves a round of APPLAUSE. — Nominated by Gregg Sheehan, Financial Services

Rocky Rohwedder, Environmental Sciences and Planning and Jay Field, IT

You were very, VERY GOOD at Schultz Unplugged!! I enjoyed all your playing and singing "to the bone"! So nice to see faculty and staff with other hats and other talents that are willing to share with the SSU community. Thanks so much. — Nominated by Gregg Sheehan, Financial Services

Rod Baraz, Duplication Machine Operator, KODA

Rod in the KODA Copy center has always been there for the Financial Aid Office when we needed his services most and quite often at the last minute. He helped improve our efficiency in a cost effective way and went beyond the call of duty to get us what we needed during our crunch time between March 29th through April 2nd, with thousands of copies we needed to contact our thousands of applicants. We value his services and he goes beyond the call of duty to help us out Thanks Rod! — Nominated by Catherine Murray, Administrative Assistant, Financial Aid

Russ Greenspan, Information Technology

A group of over-worked, over-looked staffers on campus has once again come through in a time of need. I'd like to bring attention to the Network group of Information Technology and a member of that group, Russ Greenspan. Russ jumped on a crucial date move that the Library requested and he did this quickly and efficiently, allowing access to a needed area. The Network group is seen all over campus working through problems, installations and moves without impeding the flow of university business. They work in an environment that is constantly changing but still preserve that "can do" spirit. They truly deserve recognition and thanks for handling a huge workload with a great attitude. — Nominated by Kent Hayden, University Library, User Technology Services

Summer Grill Staff, Food Services

I applaud Danny, Brian and the young women of the Summer Grill for the wonderful food, excellent customer service and friendly smiling faces this summer! They are all extremely friendly and make customers feel welcome and they pay attention to details, including knowing customer's names. A great job! — Nominated by Aurelia Melgar, Support Services Coordinator

Sylvia Sifuentes & Staff and Henry Amaral & Staff, Facilities

In February 2004, Sylvia appeared in our offices, ready to paint. For the next six weeks, she and her staff, assisted by Henry and his staff moved furniture, assisted us in acquiring "gently used" furniture and painted our offices, one by one. Sylvia & Henry are creative and imaginative, and managed to get the job done with a minimum of inconvenience. They and their crews did loads of work, always with a smile and always on time. Thanks to the efforts of these great people, the entire Extended Education staff has a fresh and clean environment. — Nominated by the Staff of the School of Extended Education

Talmadge Savage, Dining Service Manager, Ameci's

A hearty THANK YOU for Talmadge Savage from the Staff Appreciation Day committee. Not only was he instrumental in the success of Staff Appreciation Day, but he went above and beyond for the Staff Appreciation Night for Custodians, coming in late at night on his own to get everything prepared so that this event would go smoothly for our custodians! The food, as always, was fabulous. We greatly appreciate his professionalism and dedication, and for being so great to work with on these events. Thank you, Talmadge! — Nominated by the Staff Appreciation Day Committee

Todd Simmons, Facilities, Lead Auto Equipment Mechanic

On behalf of Employee Relations and Compliance Services, we would like to recognize Todd Simmons for the excellent customer service that he demonstrated on November 9. In the midst of urgent business, an Employee Relations and Compliance cart tire was in dire need of air. Around 4:15 p.m. a panicked call was placed to Todd to see if he could fill the tire immediately. He told us to bring the cart right up and he'd drop what he was doing. Not only did he stop what he was doing and fill all the tires, but then even reassured us that he was happy to do it for us! Todd's customer service, complete with a smile and joke, made the "joyride" to his shop well worth the trip. Many thanks to you, Todd!!! — Nominated by Employee Relations and Compliance Services

Vicki Irey, Paul Lang, Steven Nank (Facilities), Mike Kiraly, Kent Hayden and Paul Cotter (Library)

The Physics and Astronomy Department had equipment arrive a week earlier than scheduled. The field service engineer showed up to install the system and deliver a day of training. Due to the efforts of Vicki in Facilities, Paul the locksmith and Steven in Receiving, we got the delivery and moved it to the new location. Thanks to Mike Kiraly, Kent Hayden and Paul Cotter from library administration and the library IT service, we were set up with computers to support the instruments right now! The spectroscopy experiment was online and running in one day. It is a great feeling to be part of a team of professionals who can perform many complicated services, at a moments notice, on any given day. — Nominated by Steve Anderson, Equipment Technician, Physics & Astronomy Dept.

Zeke Voight, Corporation Yard

I would like to thank Zeke Voight for his diligence in responding to and looking for the mysterious leak over my window in Carson Hall 44. He is always there to check the roof for blockages that might affect the situation. This level of service is awesome and he is just such a nice person. — Nominated by Sue Foley, Administrative Coordinator, Hutchins School