Applause Awards Recipients - 2007

Andre Bailey, Career Services; Brent Bynum & Luis Vega, EOP

These three gentlemen worked hard together and played essential roles in putting on the EOP BBQ at Spring Lake on October 27th. It was a successful event with a great turnout. Those students and staff who came out ended up staying for the duration of the festivities. A fantastic production made possible by the extra efforts from individuals like Andre, Brent, and Luis. — Anonymous Nomination

Biology Undergraduate Students, The Biology Club

While the nominee is not an individual, I think it is appropriate that the Biology Club be considered for the SSU Applause Award for meritorious service to the community and University. In response to the fuel spill in the San Francisco Bay, many members of the SSU Biology Club chose to forgo a planned weekend camping trip in order to travel to the Oiled Wildlife Care Network in Fairfield. They received required training in handling and de-oiling affected birds and other wildlife as a result of the spill. Members spent long hours throughout the 3-day weekend assisting in all aspects of the emergency response, from making pens for animals, feeding injured wildlife, transcribing information from veterinarians, etc. This selfless action reflects well on our undergraduates and the University as a whole, and any acknowledgement from SSU would be welcome and appropriate. Thank you for your consideration! — Nominated by Nick Geist, Associate Professor of Biology

Carol Baker, Ken Baker, Scott Lance, Doug Schiller, Vaughn Bellwood, Moe Calvez, Jose Sanchez, Rosie Schramm, Mike Nelson, Robin Marshall, and Michael Hazen of Workstation Security and Services and Todd Wright of Network Security and Communications Services

I would like to express a huge thank you to all of the IT staff who, over the past week and a half, assisted in the coordination and moving of a lot of workstations. You all worked so efficiently and your positive attitudes about the situation made things all the better. Thank you for everything! — Nominated by Peter Flores, CMS Security Administrator

Cecilia O'Brien, Events; Dan O'Brien , Tracy Ramsdell-Ray , Alan Espinosa of Dining Services; Mo Llandes and Nick Arnold of Media Services; Katie Pierce and Cindy Piccinini of Faculty Affairs

A thousand thanks and much applause to all the people who helped this year with Convocation and the Faculty Retreat. Everything ran so smoothly and all these folks were terrific to work with. I was, and continue to be, so grateful for the cooperative spirit of my co-workers. — Nominated by Laurel Holmstrom, Academic Senate Analyst

Dawn Owens, Faculty Analyst, Faculty Affairs

Dawn recently had knee surgery and is home recovering. With the exception of the day of her surgery, Dawn hasn't missed a beat. She has her laptop and is doing an "over the top" job, working at home while she is recuperating. She raises the bar for excellence! —Nominated by Cindy Piccinini, Faculty Affairs

Deserie Meyers, CMS Functional Lead

Those of us in ACE Services want to recognize Deserie for her many years of hard work, dedication and service to our students. As she moves into a new career in CMS we wish her the best and want her to know that she has made an important difference in the lives of our students. — Nominated by Bruce Peterson, Senior Program Specialist

Dolores Bainter, Modern Languages & Literatures Administrative Coordinator

During all of the seven months of preparation for the Department's Fifth Annual Language Festival, Dolores held things together for everyone: faculty, student clubs, local high school teachers, parents... the works! She was on top of University policies about events, and when she needed information, she did the research and always came back with the details. She was full of good ideas, practical ideas, and creative ideas. She managed multiple budgets with ease. We couldn't have done this without her hard work and infinite patience with all of us. Thank you, Dolores! — Nominated by Suzanne Toczyski, Associate Professor of French

Don Duvall, Cook I

The ability to take care of multiple requests at once. Making sure all of his clients are happy. Always has a great attitude and never gets flustered. — Nominated by Carol Baker Information Technology Consultant and Rosie Schramm Information Technology Consultant

Elisa Velasquez, Professor, Psychology Department

Professor Elisa Velasquez started a collaborative project to support high school Latino students to bridge from high school to college. She worked with Sonoma Valley High School and two of her own classes at SSU as well as two community groups, Saint Joseph Health Systems-Sonoma County, Nuestra Voz Community Group of Sonoma, as well as the admissions office of SSU to conduct presentations to more than 150 students. This spring the CBC (Community Bridge to College) had a seven week mentoring program with 55 students from two SVHS students in which they held a campus visit (funded by the School of Social Sciences) to help the students overcome the main barriers to receiving a college education. Dr. Velasquez was the innovator and coordinator of the entire project. — Nominated by Dr. Elaine Leeder, Dean, School of Social Science

Eileen O'Brien, Administrative Support Coordinator

Eileen has been the Administrative Support Coordinator II in the Nursing Department since December of 2007. Eileen is truly a godsend to the department. She is technologically competent and handles any task given her expertly. I am constantly asking questions and always greeted with a smile from Eileen. She shows me every little detail from where are the paper clips to WebCT navigation. Her warm, friendly and patient attitude has set the standard for others at SSU. In just eight months Eileen has acclimated to her role and is the "go to" person for questions regarding WebCT and all around help for any aspect involving the department. It is a pleasure to have Eileen O'Brien as a member of the nursing team. — Nominated by Becky Cohen, Dr. Debra Roberts & Dr. Carole Heath, The Nursing Department

Information Technology, Computer Operations System Administrators: Eric Eisenhart, Jack Ziegler, Dustin Mollo and Larry Tenorio

Probably the worst thing that can happen in the IT Web Office did last week. A WebCT course with 150 students and a half semester of work disappeared mysteriously. To make things worse "a course backup was not available". Our system administrators dropped everything and performed a near miracle to restore the course. They were able to locate and re-purpose hardware, then restore the entire WebCT application, system and database from tape backups in less than 24 hours. This amazing feat allowed us to make a backup of the course and restore it to the production server. The 150 students experienced only a few days of WebCT downtime for their course, and no loss of student or instructor work. I feel incredibly lucky to work with such skilled, responsive and resourceful professionals. Thank you Eric, Jack, Dustin and Larry! — Nominated by Barbara Moore, Web Services Director

Ginny Winter, Costume Shop

I would like to nominate Ginny and the folks at the Costume Shop for their assistance in the repair of vandalized seating in the Salazar break room. Seat cushions had been slashed open by vandals and Ginny took it upon herself to come up with a solution that was aesthetically pleasing as well as functional while saving the State the expense of sending the job out for repair. Thanks!!!! — Nominated by Alan Snyder, Facilities Services

Gloria Ogg, Senior Director for University Business Services

I would like to thank Gloria for letting me use a room in Customer Services to take photos for the faculty. Gloria always has such a great attitude and really cares about SSU. Just this one act of kindness will make a huge difference in my ability to accomplish this assignment. Many thanks! — Nominated by Linnea Mullins, University Photographer

Jaime Rivas-Lugo, Landscaping

Jaime is the landscaper for Sauvignon Village East. His hard work and dedication keeps the lawns, hedges, flower beds, and walkways looking absolutely beautiful. Additionally, his friendly smile and demeanor help to create a truly warm and welcoming atmosphere for our students. — Nominated by Heather French, Residential Life Coordinator

Jessica Way, Events Director

It was Friday at 5 p.m. I had an unusual event to coordinate for important visitors on short notice and I, as a very new staff member at SSU, needed extra help. So I called Jessica, expecting to get her voice mail; I did. As I was leaving her a detailed message a call came into my office. My coworker answered the phone. It was Jessica! The call was forwarded to me and I explained the situation. She assured me everything would be fine, that she would give thought to it over the weekend and that she would be in touch with me on Monday. I felt like I could have a worry-free weekend and was confident that everything would be taken care of efficiently. I was so impressed with her high level of customer service I shared the story with everyone in the office and my husband...and now with APPLAUSE. — Nominated by Michelle Covington, Assistant to the VP of Development

Jessica Way, Chris Hendry and Patti Sinclair of Conferences & Events; Modesto Llannes and Nancee Fox of IT; Erin Bower and Raye Lynn Thomas of Library Services

Last week, our program hosted thirty-five doctoral students for our annual CANDEL Kick-Off Event (CANDEL is the SSU-UC Davis joint doctorate program). It was a very successful event, and the students truly enjoyed their stay here at SSU. I would like to thank everyone in the Conferences, Events and Catering Office, including the 24-Hour Service Desk, for wonderful and professional service. Also, big thanks to Raye Lynn and Erin in Library Services for getting the students acquainted with our beautiful library. Lastly, the people in IT; who came to my rescue the day before our event started, Modesto and Nancee. Thank you both! Let's do it again next year... — Nominated by Rosemary Galten, CANDEL Program Assistant

Residential Life Coordinators: Julie Bulow, Heather French, Michael Stark, Andrea Melrose, Josh Skillman, and Stacey Murray

I am not sure that anyone on campus can fully understand the role of the Residential Life Coordinator without actually being in it, but for the last 10 weeks the RLC's in the Resident halls have been working tirelessly to prepare for the training of our CSA's(RA's ), make sure that their living area (villages) are ready for the arrival of the 2,500 students who live in the halls, welcoming those students and their parents and dealing with the day to day happenings in the Resident Halls. Many of them have meetings back to back from 8:00 a.m. to at least 5:00 p.m. and some go into the evening to meet with students who are challenging policies, having roommate concerns, having emotional issues, transition issues, or talking with their parents and trying to help them adjust to their student being away from home. There are many people in Student Affairs who work endless hours to help our students outside of the classroom. These are a few of the ones that I am in awe of every day. I am so proud of you all and appreciative of all you have done thus far this year! You are making a difference EVERYDAY! — Nominated by Mo Phillips, Associate Director of Student Development

Julie Greathouse, Mo Phillips, Heather Howard, Rose Bruce, Cyndie Morozumi, Dean Elaine Leeder, Talmadge Savage, Jessica Way, Larry Schlereth, and Henry Amaral

Julie Greathouse, Educational Mentoring Teams who carry the ball and coordinating the implementation. Mo Phillips, Residential Life Programs, Heather Howard, Office of Campus Life, Rose Bruce, Institutional Research and Cyndie Morozumi, Residential Life Programs who were a part of the committee and did amazing work making the details happen. Dean Elaine Leeder, Office of the Dean Social Science, who coordinated the New Student Convocation and recruited the faculty. Talmadge Savage, Central Campus Dining Services and the fantastic crew from Dining Services that provided the lunch. Jessica Way, Events and members of Campus Events Committee who was involved in many of the details. Larry Schlereth, Office of the Vice President Administration and Finance for his generously financial support so that we could feed faculty and students that are not on the meal plan. Henry Amaral, Housekeeping and his crew for all of the set-up work. The managers and employees in Student Affairs and Enrollment Management. The academic faculty who participated in the New Student Convocation. Thank You for those who made first day a success. I would like to thank all of those who made First Day an overwhelming success in our very first effort. This all started with a vision a few months ago and to see the gathering of about 1,500 new students who just incredible. I would like to acknowledge the following members of the Sonoma State University community; we are already planning a big and better event for 2008. Thank you all and also those who I may have missed. — Nominated by Chuck Rhodes, Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management

Kathleen Hardy, Desktop Yoga Instructor

Kathleen is the most dedicated and patient Yoga teacher most of her students have had. She modifies her program each class to accommodate for the diversity of her student population on a given day. Kathleen is always pleasant and encouraging to all her students. The entire class appreciates the time and effort she puts into helping us stay healthy and happy. Kathleen is a wonderful teacher and a great person. Thank you Kathleen! — Nominated by Desktop Yoga Students

Kathy Anderson, Manager, Employee Relations and Diversity

Kathy Anderson assisted with some special services needed on April 27 and April 28, 2007 during our campus organization's two day training. Her time and friendly assistance was appreciated. — Nominated by Liona Spring, Executive Board Officer, CSUEU Chapter 304

Lisa Lozano, Lead Accountant

I am very grateful to work with Lisa Lozano. Lisa is responsible for, among other things, applying scholarship funds to individual student accounts. As you can imagine some scholarships are not as straight forward as they may seem and Lisa is flexible, communicative and competent in dealing with these issues. She is integral in the reconciliation process and she greatly enhances the job that I can do as Scholarship Coordinator. I truly appreciate working with Lisa and am thankful every day that she makes the scholarship process as successful as it is. — Nominated by Laurie Ogg, Scholarship Coordinator

Marian Van Horn, Residential Life Fiscal Coordinator

Marian Van Horn so deserves a huge applause. She took it upon herself to contact the Rohnert Park Director of Public Works/City engineer about the extremely dangerous intersection of Bodway and Vine by Taco Bell. The changes are already being made so that there will be no more conflicts between motorists and pedestrians. I have already noticed a difference; you can now cross both on foot and in a car safely. Marian's efforts made life a little safer for the SSU community. — Nominated by Vicki Irey, System Administrator

Merle Williams, English, Administrative Coordinator

While Merle is an invaluable contributor to our department every day of the year, it is during the hectic first few weeks of the semester that she is most impressive and her contributions are most obvious. With more than 20 adjunct faculty, 14 full-time faculty, and close to 50 sections of freshman composition alone, the task of hiring, scheduling, enrolling and trouble-shooting for all is daunting indeed. Merle can soothe a frazzled professor, advise a frustrated student, move classrooms, juggle students and answer the phones, all with good nature and poise. We feel lucky to have her! — Nominated by Greta Vollmer, Chair & Kim Hester-Williams, Vice Chair

Mira Aceves, GeoTeam Consultant, Information Technology

Mira never hesitates to come to my rescue whenever I need her be it large or small. I know I can count on her and always with a smile on her face. Recently my computer had to be upgraded and she took it from my office on a day that I would be away from my desk and brought it back the day I returned. She made sure everything was running correctly. — Nominated by Karen Fischer, Graduate Administrative Analyst

Missy Wynes, Manager, Parking Services

Missy Wynes handled the necessary campus parking pass details for our off campus participants during a two day training hosted by our campus organization on April 27 and April 28, 2007. Her patience and attention to the variety of parking needs was appreciated. — Nominated by Liona Spring, Executive Board Office, CSUEU Chapter 304

Conferences, Events & Catering: Patti Sinclair, Associate Director; Jessica Way, Director

Patti Sinclair and Jessica Way have provided excellent services to accommodate the meeting location scheduling for our campus organization. On April 27 and April 28, 2007, our campus organization hosted a two day training that included off campus participants. The successful quality of coordinating details, including the menu planning and catered food delivery from Dining Services was acknowledged and appreciated by all participants. Conferences, Events & Catering give five star service every time. — Nominated by Liona Spring, Executive Board Officer, CSUEU Chapter 304

Sam Youney, Director of Landscaping & the Landscaping Staff

The new installation of a beautiful stone walkway at the corner of Stevenson Hall is a great improvement to that area, along with the newly planted area at the loading dock. How convenient for those students who park their bikes at that end of the building to have a path to the rest of the campus! It is another creative solution from this department. Thanks to you all for making one more pretty space. — Nominated by Joni Boucher, Program Coordinator

Samantha "Sam" Phillips, Housekeeping, Custodian

We work around the clock and our area can become quite a challenge to clean. Samantha "Sam" Phillips has been assigned to our area and has not only exceeded every expectation, doing those little things that really make a difference, but she always brings a smile and a cheerful word with her. She brightens every day at work with her happy attitude and her great job performance. — Nominated by John Mentz, Sergeant

Stephanie Torres, HR Assistant

A few weeks ago we had a request from Stephanie to change some phone extensions that was fairly complicated and involved two different departments. I applaud Stephanie's patience while we took the extra time to test a new feature for her team. She went the extra mile in being our "guinea pig" and was always prompt in responding to our many questions. It saved us a lot of time having her as a single point of contact. — Nominated by Lisa Revere, Network Analyst

Housekeeping: Steve Francisco, Manuel Moreno, Ricki Brindle and James Williams

This year the Gymnasium underwent a transformation. The paint shop painted over sound board that were the original color from the 1960 burnt orange. It is now beautiful. They painted it with Sonoma State school colors. It feels light and airy. It made this whole area look remodeled. The custodian crew then came in and striped the gymnasium floor. They made a special effort and researched and brought a new sealer so that after the paint crew refinished the lines the sealer made the floor shine with vitality. It really looks great. We are so excited with our new look we like everyone to come over and have a look. Thank You Paint Crew and Custodians. You make us feel special. — Nominated by Gloria Allen, Kinesiology

Sue Bennett, AIS Systems Analyst

Sonoma State University utilizes a high level of technology with it's on line student information system and the need to pull data for it for reporting and statistical purposes. As with all computer systems, things go awry. Sue Bennett has been a huge support to the Registrar's Office, often fixing things at the 11th hour so that neither students, faculty nor staff ever know there was a problem. She is always available to help, has an amazing ability to research problems and fix them. As University Registrar, I don't know where I'd be without Sue. She's been our saving grace more times than I can count. Thanks, Sue, for all you do for us! — Nominated by Lisa Noto, University Registrar

Tom Daly, Operations and Engineering

Special thanks for going above and beyond the call of duty to make a custom safety cover for my cords. Now no one will trip over the cords. Plus, he has such a great attitude. — Nominated by Linnea Mullins, University Photographer

Vaughn Bellwood, Desktop Support Representative

Thank you for your quick work in setting up our new printer. With Staff Appreciation Day fast approaching, we were grateful for your commitment to getting us access so we could print necessary handouts and other documents. As always, we enjoy working with you and know that if you're on it, the problem will get solved! — Nominated by Employee Services Team

Vicki Irey of Facilities Administration; Dan Parker and Mike Zito of Operations & Engineering

I would like to thank Vicki Irey, Dan Parker, and Mike Zito for their invaluable assistance with my End of the Year dispute process. You are all impeccable in your detail, swift in your response, and generally enjoyable to work with. You make this aspect of my job a breeze, so thank you very much! — Nominated by Katie Gordon, Data Coordinator for Housing Services