Applause Awards Recipients - 2008

SSU Electricians Team, Facilities

On Friday 10/24 the Athletic Dept. main office in the South Field House experienced a partial power outage affecting some offices, the printer, fax and copier. The electricians (Janet, Tom, Frank, and Ira) were on sight immediately, diagnosed the program and advised us of the solution. We would need a replacement part that would not arrive until late Monday. We could plan to be up by 10am Tuesday. Through their commitment to provide the best quality service I was here at 7:40 on Tuesday and we were up and running. Their tireless efforts to serve us was astounding really. Better yet, Facility Operations (Mike Annala) were constantly keeping us informed of the progress. Everything just fell into place thus minimizing our inconvenience. What a great team! — Nominated by South Field House Athletics, October 28, 2008

Anne Biasi, Alumni Relations, Alumni Coordinator

I want to acknowledge Anne Biasi's strong contribution to this year's Distinguished Alumni awards banquet. She worked tirelessly to finalize the video that highlighted each awardee's accomplishments and coordinated so many of the parts of pieces of this memorable event. The evening came off without a hitch thanks in great part to Anne's professionalism and commitment to Sonoma State and its alumni and friends. — Nominated by Patricia McNeill, Vice President for Development, October 27, 2008

Todd Wright, Network Security and Communication Services, Telecommunications Analyst

Three cheers for Todd Wright who was able to complete about 5 phone moves, including some that involved the complexities of the Financial Aid queue phone, with 2 days notice and without causing any significant interruption to our service to students. Thank you, Todd, for first-rate customer service and flexibility.  — Nominated by Susan Gutierrez, Director of Financial Aid; Julia Ibanez, Program Coordinator; Kyle Bishop-Gabriel, Systems Assistant; Carmen Diaz Misa, Financial Aid Representative, October 17, 2008

Mack Olson, Student Affairs, Interim Director of Judicial Affairs

Mack took time on this past Saturday (9/27/08) to facilitate a diversity workshop at our annual emerging leadership retreat. Not only do we appreciate his time, energy and passion for the topic, the students really were engaged and challenged which was wonderful to be a part of. Thanks for the team spirit and willingness to share. We appreciate you!!  — Nominated by Heather Howard & the Center for Student Leadership, Involvement & Service leadership team, September 30, 2008

Jim Christmann, Department of Biology

During the un-expected power outage of Jan 4th and the planned power outage Jan 21st,  2008, Dr. Jim Christmann came in several times a day over both weekends to ensure that all the refrigerators and sub-zero freezers holding specimens and materials for the Department of Biology were kept at appropriate temperatures. He drove to suppliers daily for dry ice to hold the temps down, and went out of his way to purchase dry ice from other vendors after the usual supplier was depleted. He came to campus repeatedly to check that temps were within acceptable ranges. If he had not done so and the equipment went above temperature, not only would extremely expensive material have been lost and not easily replaced, but experiments, many of them funded by outside agencies (NSF, etc) would have been ruined and the projects compromised. For maintaining the integrity of the materials and experiments (and saving the department and university mucho, mucho dinero) and for responding to his department’s needs above and beyond the call of duty, we would like to offer this Applause Award and our sincerest thanks. — Nominated by Lakin Khan, Kathleen Hardy, Stephanie Thibault, Murali Pillai, Nick Geist, Michael Cohen, Frederick Griffin, Dan Crocker, Richard Whitkus, Eileen Thatcher, Derek Girman, Faculty and Staff of the Department of Biology, September 19, 2008

Moe Calvez , GeoTeam Consultant, Information Technology

Why is it that when there is a deadline pending my computer always starts to sizzle and fail?  Why, when my desk is covered in projects that are ALL a priority, does my password decide it doesn't want to work anymore and I cannot email anyone or look up the number to call someone to my aid?  These are the questions floating around in the IT universe.  Questions that have only one answer:  Moe Calvez. First of all, he answers his phone and returns my calls every time and in a timely manner.  (MUCH appreciated)  Secondly, he either walks me through my debacle over the phone or he has an easy solution or he makes an effort to drop by and uses a fire extinguisher or whatever other tool needed to fix my computer issue.  He is the best.  He is MUCH appreciated and he most definitely goes the extra mile.  EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. Thank you, Moe.  You're the best!— Nominated by Holly Sautner, Assistant to the Dean of Social Sciences, September 10, 2008

Michael Hazen, GeoTeam Consultant, Information Technology

Reason for nomination: Michael Hazen more than deserves an Applause for all he does for me.  Whenever I have a problem, he is always there to fix it.  He is efficient, available, always friendly, and makes sure I am able to do my job at all times.  Michael is the kind of guy that if he's helping someone else in my office and I need assistance, he takes the time to stop and help.  I can't imagine a work day without Michael Hazen in it.  I couldn't do my job without him.  Thanks, Michael, for all you do!!!— Nominated by Lisa Noto, Admissions and Records, September 8, 2008

Brian Biggs, Programmer/Analyst, Information Technology

On Sunday, July 20, Brian replaced the brains of IT's identity management system with a new one that will allow us to better control the security of and access to the many systems that IT manages.  The new system, affectionately known as "The Registry," is the result of years of planning by IT and over a year of programming work by Brian. I applaud Brian for his skill in creating the registry, for his uneventful deployment of the registry due to his excellent and thorough testing beforehand, and for his professionalism in supporting the registry after deployment.  I also applaud Brian for having the tenacity to see the project through even when it seemed like it may never happen due to multi-year delays caused by other demands on our resources. Thanks largely to Brian, this massive project has mostly achieved the highest level of success to which this sort of IT effort can aspire: Going Unnoticed.— Nominated by Andru Luvisi, Information Technology, August 22, 2008

Steve Mallory, Ira McKern, Tommy Stokes, Electricians

Steve, Ira, and Tommy have worked with Information Technology to upgrade parts of our electrical supply so that we may provide continued services to the campus community. They have been wonderful people to work with, arranging their schedules around our needs and the needs of Information Technology customers across the campus. They have performed impeccable work, in a reliable fashion, and have even taken the time to educate us about the electrical needs of our equipment. I applaud them all! — Nominated by Brian Biggs, Information Technology Data Center Manager, August 14, 2008

Laurence Furukawa-Schlereth (Vice President for Administration and Finance) and Staff

Larry Schlereth has been a continuous supporter to diversity efforts on-campus. This applause is to acknowledge not only Larry but his wife Karen and the management team in Administration and Finance for both their financial support and their active participation by marching with the students of the Sonoma State Queer Straight Alliance in the 38th Annual San Francisco LGBT Freedom Day Parade in June. — Nominated by Chuck Rhodes, Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management, July 29, 2008

Julie Greathouse, Student Affairs and Enrollment Management

Julie Greathouse as advisor to the Queer-Straight Alliance has spent endless energy working with our gay, lesbian, bisexual, questioning and trans students. This applause is for again working with members of QSA and the campus who represented Sonoma State in the 38th annual San Francisco LGBT Pride in June. — Nominated by Chuck Rhodes, Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management, July 29, 2008

Kevin Davis, Lead Plumber

I would like to send an applause award to Kevin Davis. While working in the residence halls I frequently find myself needing to call on the plumbing professionals of SSU to help with needed work and/or maintenance. Not only does Kevin quickly and accurately diagnose problems with the plumbing on campus, but he repeatedly does this in a manner that we could all try to emulate. He is intelligent, courteous, and explains what needs to be done in a realistic time-frame. Thank You Kevin. — Nominated by Andrew Heller Operations Coordinator CEC, July 16, 2008

Lori Heffernon, Administration & Finance, Assistant Controller

Lori Heffernon should be paid double, as both a controller and a therapist.  For those of us who have directed many grants over many years, she is the one person who manages to keep us both solvent and sane.  In the accounting realm, she is up-to-date knowledgeable, highly competent, a quick study, and an excellent problem solver.  As for our mental health, her cheerful demeanor coupled with her sympathetic awareness of our frequent frustrations over bureaucratic and fiscal detail inevitably result in our leaving her office much happier than when we arrived.  I've spoken with numerous principal investigators around campus, and I'm confident that this “Hurrah!” represents us all.  As of June 1, Lori is moving up into Katie Pierce's (“Yea! to Katie too) position, a well deserved promotion.  But I'm glad she waited until my retirement to do it!  Many thanks to Lori, on behalf of all of us, for your help, your support, and your friendship. — Nominated by Rick Marks, Professor, Education and Mathematics, June 23, 2008

Steven Nank, Receiving Coordinator, Mail and Receiving

Every semester we have to archive credential files in order to preserve office space. Some of the files are for students who have started but not completed our teacher education program. And then suddenly, after some years, some of these students show up! Steven has been wonderful retrieving files from archived boxes. This saves us time and the student time and money. Thank you for your patience and good humor, Steven. From all of us in the School of Education. — Nominated by Lane Olson, Senior Credential Analyst, June 20, 2008

Paul Cotter, Lead Information Technology Consultant

When the student time clock broke early one busy morning, the prospects for repair looked grim. The repair guy is very pricey and a long weekend was looming. "We're Doomed", I thought. But just then co-worker Paul Cotter walked in, and being the great helper filled with alacrity and patience, he fixed the broken time clock and saved the Library countless hours of hassle and piles of money. It's people like Paul who really float this Large boat! — Nominated by Jack Ritchie, Circulation Day Supervisor, May 22, 2008

Scott Lance, IT Workstation Consultant

THANK YOU SO MUCH to Scott Lance in the IT Department. My computer blew out its electrical supply late on a Friday afternoon, he came to check it out, ordered the part and replaced it all before noon on the following Monday. Great job, Scott. Thank you! — Nominated by Rosemary Galten, CANDEL Program Coordinator, School of Education, May 12, 2008

Mo Llanes and Bill Bayley, Instructional Technology Services

BIG THANKS to Bill and Mo for your help in making our video/phone conference between SSU, UC Davis, Humboldt State and Chico State a great success!! — Nominated by Rosemary Galten, Program Coordinator, CANDEL, School of Education, April 28, 2008

Lori Balestrieri, Post Office, Mail Clerk

Lori Balestrieri is an exemplary employee who always has a friendly smile and a helpful attitude toward her postal customers. She has a strong work ethic, keeps us organized and helps our department function smoothly and efficiently. She thinks "outside of the box" with innovative ideas and suggestions to make our jobs easier. Lori is a pleasure to work and deserves special recognition for her ongoing contributions to our department and to Sonoma State. — Nominated by Lisa Johnson, Post Office Mail Clerk, April 27, 2008

Henry Amaral, Jared Holmgren and Jay Hobard, Facilities

Henry and The Movers have gone above and beyond the call of duty, helping Physics and Astronomy bring in some large equipment to Darwin, a super conducting magnet and optical table. Vicki Irey and Mark Bradley got them out to help us on very short notice and they did fantastic work on two heavy, yet delicate scientific instruments. Our two new faculty members really appreciate this assistance. THANKS GUYS. You are the Mighty Movers! — Nominated by Steve Anderson, ETIII, April 11, 2008

School of Extended Education, School of Arts/Humanities; Hutchins School of Liberal Studies, Scheduling, Employee Services, Library, IT, Admissions, Financial Aid

On behalf of the New College students stranded by WASC's decision to pull its accreditation as of June 30th, I would like to thank the staff and management of the above departments for their assistance in helping to create a teach-out plan that will allow them to complete their degrees. I have appreciated the willingness of everyone to move this plan through the many complicated steps so quickly. We have a truly marvelous team on this campus. Thank you!! — Nominated by Beth Warner, Administrative Coordinator/Advisor, Liberal Studies Special Sessions, April 4, 2008

Mo Llanes, Instructional Technology Services & Paul Cotter, Library Administration

The CSU Community of Academic Technology Staff (CATS) held its eleventh conference at SSU March 26 through March 28. Moe and Paul were indispensable in the entire operation. With their leadership, guidance, and support, the technology-laden conference sessions were successfully produced for over 200 attendees from around the CSU system and beyond. They anticipated needs and were present and prepared whenever they were needed. Big thanks to Moe and Paul for helping make CATS 2008 a huge success! — Nominated by Abbe Altman, CATS Program Manager, April 1, 2008

Moe Calvez, GeoTeam Consultant

Moe has been exceptional as a person I can contact regarding any computer challenges. He is quick to respond and always able to fix the problem. He is always so patient and kind. My computer was refreshed and with that came little glitches which Moe handled quickly and most of all with a smile. Thank you very much, Moe. — Nominated by Karen Fischer, Psychology Masters Graduate Administrative Specialist, March 28, 2008

Ron Hunt, Kinesiology, SCUBA Diving Instructor

Bravo to Ron Hunt, SSU's uncelebrated volunteer SCUBA diving instructor. For over 39 semesters now, Ron has patiently taught generations of students on our campus and in our community the art and science of SCUBA diving right here in our campus pool. Ron has passed on his vast knowledge and experience to prepare hundreds of students to enter, inhabit, learn about, enjoy and appreciate the underwater world free of charge. His contributions of time, energy and resources are immeasurable, and he has brought the love of the aquatic world to many in our campus community. If you'd like to see him in action this spring, he can be found every Tuesday evening from 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m., donned in a neoprene wetsuit, blowing bubbles in the deep end with his students. — Nominated by Kristin Berger, Office of Development, March 28, 2008

Mark Bradley, Director of Housekeeping; Rose Bruce, Associate Vice President of Analytical Studies of Institutional Research; Barbara Butler, Dean, Library; Paul Cotter, Information Technology Consultant; Brandon Dudley ,Director of Library Technology; Sue Hardisty, Presidential Aide; David Hartranft, Administrative Support Coordinator; Kent Hayden, Information Technology Consultant; Cynthia Jowers, Confidential Office Support; Mike Kiraly, Director of Library Operations; and Doug Schiller, Information Technology Consultant

I wish to publicly thank all of you for the incredible work you have done to help make the WASC Accreditation Team Visit a success. As one of the WASC Visiting Team members stated, "This has been flawless." But in order to make such a visit flawless, it takes incredible extra effort and work behind the scenes by so many people. Thank you to the logistics team of Rose Bruce, Sue Hardisty, David Hartranft, and Cynthia Jowers for making sure that the team was well fed, well housed, well guided, and well taken care of throughout their visit. A special thank you to the Library staff, Michael Bradley, Barbara Butler, Paul Cotter, Brandon Dudley, Kent Hayden, and Mike Kiraly, for graciously offering your beautiful space for the team room and meetings, for addressing all of the teams' technology needs, and for keeping the space clean and pristine. Thank you to Doug Schiller for being on call from IT for any issues or questions regarding their computer platforms and connectivity! I give a resounding applause to all of you. You took on these added tasks and made a real difference for the University. Our visitors had a wonderful SSU visit because of you. — Nominated by Elaine Sundberg, Accreditation Liaison Officer, March 14, 2008

Rosanna Toews, Academic Records Specialist

We extend our appreciation to Rosanna Toews, Academic Records Specialist for Admissions and Records for her outstanding work and support to the students and staff at the School of Education. Rosanna goes beyond the call of duty when it comes to customer service, efficiency, and promptness. Thanks Rosanna, for all your great work and patience! — Nominated by Mary Gendernalik-Cooper, Dean of the School of Education, March 14, 2008

Janet Henker, Institutional Research, Data Coordinator

I nominate Janet Henker for her outstanding work to integrate the Academic Planning Data Base into Peoplesoft. She has had to delve deeply into the Peoplesoft processes to find out how APDB relates to Scheduling and Faculty Affairs. There is no manual on this and she has had to determine it herself. She also has done an excellent job of training others on these changes. — Nominated by Rose Bruce, Associate Vice President, February 26, 2008

Herb Dickerson, Maintenance Mechanic; Henry Amaral, Skilled Laborer; Selas Neguse, Building Maintenance Worker; Bruce Lindsley, Painter; Ira McKern, Electrician; Dawn Owens, Kinesiology Administrative Analyst; Gloria Allen, Equipment Technician; Todd Wright, Telecom Analyst; Vicki Irey, Facilities Services; The Custodial Staff, IT, Customer Service and Telecommunications, et al.

The Athletic Department moved their main office from PE 14 to the South Field House. Additionally, we moved five program offices as well. Without the assistance of everyone mentioned — and those of you who I forgot, my apologies — we would still be moving things. We have on campus an amazing group of work horses whose response time to our numerous work orders — and thanks to Customer Services for logging them all — was astounding. This was a highly choreographed move and your attention to us during this huge transition was appreciated. We got it all done in less than 3 weeks! THANK YOU!!! SSU ATHLETICS — Nominated by Nancy Crosat, Administrative Analyst, February 25, 2008

Claudia Bettinelli, Dee Pettis, Lori Balestrieri & Lisa Johnson (Post Office Angels), and Entrepreneurial Activities

I would like to nominate the four lovely angels at the Post Office for their tremendous help in helping me to process and send out my journal French 17 to 300 subscribers in eleven different countries. Everything was processed within minutes of my arrival. They even pre-arranged for all of the mailing envelopes before I even asked for them, and were always kind and patient with my many boxes and envelopes. They are the very best secret on campus! — Nominated by Suzanne Toczyski, Professor of French, February 22, 2008

Dining Services Staff: Lisa Andresen, Dan O'Brien, Talmadge Savage, Eric Malvestiti, Tracy Ramsdell, Holly Galbraith, Maryann Plourde, Robert Coe, Rhonda Nilsson, Robert Kubacek, Phyllis Mitchell, Don Duvall, Raul Ramirez, Colleen Kubacek, Jessica Curry, Julianne Callan, Joe Shankles, Tiffany Perry, Dennis Dunn, Sarah Anderson, Steve Joiner, Victoria Chavez, Maria Villa, Silvia Guerrero, Jan Owen, Jessica Gardener, Tarik Kanaana, Danny Fox, and Kindra Kautz.

In recognition of all Dining Services employees for their continued excellent professional service and food preparation for the SSU community. Dining Services employees' quality of accomplishments were especially evident on Thursday, June 5, 2008 at our annual Staff Appreciation Day. All employees attending the event were provided with a high dining service standard helping to make the day a pleasure for all. Thank you to all Dining Services Employees. — Nominated by Liona Spring, Reproduction Processes Assistant, General Services, February 22, 2008

Walter Leonard, Director of General Services & His Staff

I would like to thank Walt Leonard and his Staff for their beautiful work producing this year's volume of French 17. They did a fabulous printing job! — Nominated by Suzanne Toczyski, Professor of French, February 22, 2008

Bruce Carpe, Director, Instructional Technology Services & Mo Llanes, Information Technology Consultant

The School of Extended Education recently started a Legal Court Interpreter Program, designed to train interpreters for translation work in the courts. The curriculum relies heavily on our vintage language lab in Stevenson 1028. Late last semester, the functionality of the lab seemed to vanish, leaving the program literally speechless. Through the efforts of Bruce and Mo, the trouble was identified, corrected and the instructor was re-trained within a very short time period. The response was swift, the diagnosis was right on target and the lab has made a full recovery. Our heartfelt thanks go to Bruce and Mo for responding so quickly and enabling our program to go forward for Spring 2008. — Nominated by Robert Rosen, Business Manager, February 7, 2008

Henry Amaral and His Moving Crew, Facilities

For the awesome job they did moving our three offices (Carson, South Fieldhouse and Stevenson) into one (CIHS Building 49) within 7 days. Thanks for your patience, willingness and extra efforts. — Nominated by Eshawn Zuniga, Data Technology Coordinator, January 29, 2008

IT Network and Phone Staff

For the awesome job they did moving our phones and network connections from our three offices into one within three days. Thanks for your speed and efficiency. — Nominated by Eshawn Zuniga, Data Technology Coordinator, January 29, 2008

The Entire SSU Electrical Staff

For their tireless dedication during the recent power outage and subsequent fall-out after the storms. They should all be commended for their efforts. — Nominated by Todd Wright, Telecommunications Analyst, January 16, 2008