Applause Awards Recipients - 2009

Patti Sinclair, University Dining Services

Theatre Arts and Dance would like to thank Patti and the Catering team for coming to our rescue on Friday the 13th. We had planned an after show reception and suddenly were informed the food would not be available. I called Patti and within the hour we had a great menu solution. The cast and crew of the show loved it! Thanks again Patti. — Nominated by Shelley Martin, Theater Arts Department, November 16, 2009

Dacia Sandoval, Hutchins School of Liberal Arts

After years of service in the Arts and Humanities Dean's Office, Dacia Sandoval stepped into the Administrative Coordinator (AC) position in the Hutchins School last year upon the retirement of Sue Foley. Hutchins runs multiple degree and General Education options with multiple tracks, and enrolls over 500 majors in "student centered" programs, thus requiring of the AC both highly developed administrative skills along with enormous interpersonal demands to serve students, faculty, administrators, parents, and alumni. Dacia has gone above and beyond in serving the Hutchins School, providing a smooth transition and enhanced efficiency from the first day she stepped into the position. A recent illustration of her commitment to service and enhancement of the university community was her tireless work on the Hutchins 40th anniversary (Oct. 16-18), a great success for the School and for outreach to university alumni. I cannot think of anyone more deserving of applause than Dacia Sandoval. ... (read more)
— Nominated by Eric McGuckin, Chair, Hutchins School of Liberal Studies, October 23, 2009

Barbara Butler and Mike Kiraly, University Library; David Hartranft and Shawn Kilat, Academic Affairs; Sue Hardisty, President's Office; and Carlos Pena, Common Management Systems

Dean Barbara Butler and the above-mentioned WASC Logistics Team are deserving of an Applause Award for the exceptional work they did preparing for and overseeing the recent WASC Educational Effectiveness Review Visit. Dean Butler served as the interim Accreditation Liaision Officer during the crucial two months prior to the visit. She prepared the itinerary, dealt with last minute requests from the visiting team, and supervised the three-day visit. She took on this daunting task in addition to her role as Dean of the University Library and by all accounts did a superb job, helping immensely to make the visit a very successful one. The Logistics Team worked for many months preparing for the team visit. Their work assured that the team members were well cared for during their stay at SSU. Mike assisted in all aspects of preparing the team room and meeting rooms in the Library, while David set up all materials in the team room and made sure that the visiting team's technology requests were met. Shawn arranged hotel accommodations, dinners for the team, and ground transportation. Sue made all arrangements for the opening reception, hosted by President Arminana, and arranged luncheons for the team on campus. Carlos arranged for the rental of monitors for the virtual poster session during the opening reception and provided valuable assistance during the preparations for the visit. They are all deserving of applause for assisting making the WASC Educational Effectiveness Review visit such a success! — Nominated by Elaine Sundberg, Academic Affairs, October 23, 2009

Sandra Bannister, Student Affairs and Enrollment Management and Kerry Gilbert, School of Extended Education

Sandra Bannister and Kerry Gilbert are deserving of the Applause Award for the extraordinary work they did creating a virtual "Poster Session" for the recent WASC Educational Effectiveness Review Team Visit. The poster session included over 105 power point slides illustrating the work done by academic departments, university-wide programs, and university divisions in support of "Educating the Whole Student." This presentation was shown to the WASC Visiting Team and SSU students, faculty, and staff at the opening reception for the WASC visit. The display, on 46" monitors, was visually stunning and reflected the exceptional work done by faculty and staff in support of SSU's mission. Sandra and Kerry designed the "posters", working with materials submitted by departments and units across campus. Their dedication to the university and the WASC accreditation went well beyond their specific duties as marketing directors of their units. To view the poster session, please visit the WASC Accreditation website at Congratulations Sandra and Kerry for your outstanding work! — Nominated by Elaine Sundberg, Academic Affairs, October 23, 2009

Larry Stone, Kevin Dunn, and Kevin Otten Landscaping

Kevin, Larry and Kevin went above and beyond their duty last Friday afternoon, when a student organizing a 5K run around campus the following morning called asking for a grassy area around a pathway to be cut down. It was close to 3pm and I explained that most likely it couldn't be done, but Kevin, Larry and Kevin did it, helping to the success of this event. Thank you so much! — Nominated by Cecilia O'Brien, Conferences and Events Services, October 19, 2009

John Gleazer, Information Technology

Kudos to John Gleazer of the AIS team in Information Technology.  After each graduation, we transfer graduate data from PeopleSoft to the alumni database. This has been a long and intensely manual process.  We asked John if he could streamline it.  He took on this project with gusto and worked with us to cut the time (and errors) from 4 days to 4 hours! Working with John was great.  When we had a change to make, he usually responded within a day and it worked. — Nominated by Paul Greenblatt, the Development team and the Alumni Office, October 1, 2009

Leo Alvillar, Common Management Systems

Leo Alvillar has gone above and beyond the call of duty in getting the Degree Audit system up and running. Working almost singlehandedly he has worked with all the academic departments in building their programs and then working on entering the data and the subplans. Without his dedication this project would never have been completed and he has done all this with tact, humor and a truly professional demeanor. We on the Degree Audit Task Force appreciate his leadership and honor his commitment. — Nominated by Dean Elaine Leeder for the Degree Audit Task Force, October 7, 2009

Talmadge Savage, University Dining Services

I would like to applaud Talmage Savage and his entire dining staff for the incredible job they did  on the breakfast that the Facilities staff attended. Talmage and crew went out of their way, opening up at 6:30 so all could attend before work. The food was fantastic and all that attended were very pleased. Thanks again for a helping to put a smile on many faces. — Nominated by Pat Seda, Facilities Management, October 6, 2009

Vicki Irey, Facilities Management, Janet Hankes, University Development, Janet Henker, Psychology

I would like to applaud you three for all of your hard work as part of the Staff Development Committee.  Thank you for reaching out by setting up all of the wonderful workshops to help keep the morale up on campus — Nominated by Dennis Goss, Office of the Provost, September 11, 2009

Housekeeping Staff

In recognition of the upcoming National Housekeeper’s Month of September, we would like to say thank you to the entire Housekeeping team, including the Day and Night Custodians, Laborers, and the Recycling department.  This group of individuals works tirelessly around the clock to ensure that our campus community is clean and safe for all.  Thank you for your continued commitment to Sonoma State University. – Nominated by Mark Bradley, Facilities Management

Pictured: Dee Moore, Albert Sieling, Steve Francisco, Ricky Brindle, James Williams, Tim Piller, Mark Bradley, Jose Lerma, Norma Obrador, Manuel Moreno, Kathy Cronin, Lori Palmer, Daniel Garcia, Luz Gutierrez, Linda Respini, Steve “Pops” Gould, Jared Holmgren, Kidane Tedla, Doug Bishop, Paul Clinton, JR Cervantes, Henry Amaral

Not pictured: Christopher Brown, Cliff Ratliff, Rosario Silva, Stephen Evans, Thomas Johnson, Penny Hoover, Dash Musser-Brauner, Samantha Phillips, Jose Nunes, Dan Kizirian, Bill Gardner, Joe McNiff

Thank you from the Capitol Area North Doctorate in Educational Leadership (CANDEL) Program

On August 6, 2009, Rosembary Galten, School of Education, nominated the following employees:

Rebekah Bitterman, Parking Services - Thank you Rebekah and everyone at Parking Services for accommodating our huge list of guests. You always make it so easy for us! Thanks again!

Erin Daniels, University Library - As always, a fantastic job orienting our newest cohort to our great library! Thank you so much for your continued support, patience, and sense of humor!

Julie Dinkins, University Library - Thank you very much for all your help getting our students organized with barcodes and access to the SSU Library! Its not an easy job - thanks again, Julie!

Vanessa Franklin, Academic Scheduling - Thank you so much for your help in securing the classrooms for our program this week - it was relief to know our students and professors were comfortable!

Cecilia O'Brien, Conferences and Events Services - Thank you for all your help in making our event a big success - it was beautiful!

Patti Sinclair, University Dining Services - Thank you for all your help in making our event a big success! It was beautiful!

Liona Spring, KODA Copy Center - Thank you so much, Liona, for your help in printing not one, but two large packets of information, the second one on a moment's notice. Always efficient and great attention to detail - thanks again!

Jean Sugiyama, Information Technology - A BIG thank you to Jean for all your help with our program this week! Our students were thrilled to have the access - we could not have done this without your help! THANK YOU!!!

Dan Kizirian, Facilities Management

To meet the goal of keeping our campus always looking so nice, there are those who work tirelessly, in sometimes thankless jobs, doing their part - such as Dan Kizirian in Facilities Management.  He picks up trash, debris, recyclables on campus with a good attitude and quiet demeanor.  Thanks, Dan, for doing your part to keep SSU the beautiful campus that it is. — Nominated by Connie Jo Gardner, Facilities Management, August 3, 2009

Lane Olson, School of Education

Lane Olson has been the Staff Representative to the Academic Senate for the past three years. We Thank you Lane, for your commitment to the staff, and for generously giving your time, your wisdom and thoughtfulness. Staff comments include: "I have appreciated all the time and effort she took to keep us all in the loop;" "She truly does have an interest in equity and fairness for staff." "I commend Lane Olson for all her work as the Staff Representative to the Academic Senate. It's not easy to remain engaged, keep your constituents informed, and speak up when you know you have no vote in the decisions made. Lane has done so with integrity, eloquence, and grace. I looked forward to each of her Convocation addresses and felt privileged to have her representing us."  — Nominated by Jean Wasp, University Affairs; Leslie Mouton, School of Education; Shelley Martin, Theater Arts; Lillian Lee, Admissions and Records; Lakin Khan, Biology; Dolores Bainter, Modern Languages and Literature, June 15, 2009

Veronica Posada, Disability Services for Students (DSS)

I would like to applaud Veronica Posada's efforts during finals week, where she worked tirelessly to coordinate the administration of up to 150 exams for 81 DSS students.  This included scheduling students in 4 separate rooms over the week, including a proctored classroom; logging in and securing the exams; facilitating the administration of the exams per individual instructor instructions; proctoring the exams to ensure that cheating did not occur; and ensuring that each exam was picked up by the instructors or coordinating the delivery of the exams back to the academic departments.  Finals week is obviously a very stressful time, so having these testing sessions run smoothly is greatly appreciated by the students who receive services from the Disability Services for Students office.  Great job Veronica!  — Nominated by Brent Boyer, Disability Services for Students, June 8, 2009

JR Cervantes, Facilities Management

During the last week of the semester and over the Graduation three day holiday weekend, JR is the person who empties all of the trash and recycling bins in the Residential Community.  You can only image the amount of recycling and trash that is generated when 2000 plus people move out after a year of residency (over 22 tons, to be exact).  Thanks to JR's dedication (and trusted refuse truck), all of this trash was emptied and disposed of in a timely and effective manner.  Come Tuesday morning after the holiday weekend, you would have never known 2000 plus people had just moved out.  — Nominated by Tim Tiemens and Nicole Hendry, Housing Services, May 28, 2009

Paul Greenblatt, University Development

June 1, 2009 marks the one-year anniversary of "going live" with Sonoma State's new constituent database called The Raiser's Edge. Paul Greenblatt is our GURU of The Raiser's Edge (RE) and we'd like to recognize his efforts that help Sonoma State build stronger relationships with the members of our community. The work Paul has done greatly enhances our relationships, makes it far easier to track appeals and gifts, and automates a variety of processes. Initially Paul worked hard to make sure the data was cleaned up to ensure a smooth transition from the old system to the new. He remains ever diligent to ensure good data goes in so that good data comes out. And, he's quite adept at helping to train the team on how to use the tool which ensures operational effectiveness. Thank you, Paul! You're Awesome! — Nominated by Michelle Covington and the University Development and Alumni Relations team, May 25, 2009

Catherine Murray, Customer Services, Kamen Nikolov and John Connole, Center for Performing Arts

Customer Services received an email from a woman who had attended the State Spelling Bee held in Person Theater on May 16.  When she got home she noticed that her 3/4 carat diamond was missing from her heirloom ring.  Her email was hoping on a long shot that someone had found and turned in her diamond.  Catherine Murray of Customer Services, met Kamen Nikolov and John Connole, Center for Performing Arts, and together they did a quick search of the Person Theater floor. Within about 10 minutes they located the missing diamond (it was very sparkly).  The owner of the diamond is of course thrilled, and I think these three staff deserve applause for their assistance to this community member.  I'm sure the story of her experience with "the great staff at SSU" will be repeated many times over. — Nominated by Gloria Ogg, May 21, 2009

David McCuan, Political Science

Sometimes it seems that through heat, hail, snow, sleet and the dead of night, Political Science Professor David McCuan works tirelessly to serve up political insight to the community through the media. From the local radio show and daily newspaper to the New York Times, he offers up compelling commentary to the now droves of reporters who contact him regularly for their stories. He also made sure a lucky group of students had a once-in-a- lifetime chance to witness the inauguration of Barack Obama in January. Through his energetic efforts, SSU is also brought into the limelight. I once heard a local radio show host, after speaking with "Dr. Dave," comment on his wide ranging expertise with great admiration. "We are lucky to have him," he said. I would like to echo that sentiment, too. Thanks Dr. Dave for all you do. — Nominated by Jean Wasp, University Affairs, May 21, 2009

Jessica Anderson, University Affairs

We would like to recognize Jessica for the incredible job she does with Newsbytes.  Over the last few months, we have worked with Jessica weekly to include articles, announcements, and pictures for Service Awards, Excellence Awards, and Staff Appreciation Day.  She maintains a professional, organized, and flexible approach to responding to our weekly needs, and is always such a pleasure to work with.  Thank you, Jessica, for all of your support this spring!  Congratulations on your upcoming graduation from SSU! — Nominated by Jaime Russell and the Employee Services Department, May 20, 2009

Linnea Mullins, Center for Performing Arts

Linnea went above and beyond when we encountered some difficulties with a very important event. She was most helpful in finding solutions and assisting us with her expertise. At the end of the year we know how hectic things can be, so Linnea taking the time out of her day to help was greatly appreciated. — Nominated by Cecilia O'Brien and Caitlyn Hicks, Conferences and Events, May 15, 2009

Sandra Shand and Andre Bailey, Advising, Career and EOP Services

I would like to applaud both Sandra and Andre for their excellent work and incredible energy in coordinating the EOP 40th Anniversary celebration on May 3.  We had a number of EOP alumni attend, as well as many of our current students, and it was a great success.  Sandra and Andre put a large amount of time and energy in developing and coordinating the event, and I want to recognize their efforts. — Nominated by Bruce Peterson, Advising, Career and EOP Services, May 11, 2009

Talmadge Savage, University Dining Services

Talmadge and the entire Zinfandel Dining staff have gone over and beyond in supporting students of color for the two heritage special dinners this spring.  They have worked with student clubs to plan the menu and to participate in the preparation to make the events as an authentic as possible. Talmadge always has a smile on his face and is truly interested in providing the students a quality dining experience. — Nominated by Chuck Rhodes, Student Affairs and Enrollment Management, April 24, 2009

Ryan Ernst, Entrepreneurial Services

Ryan and the team at Reprographics went above and beyond the call of duty to help Police & Parking Services meet a tight deadline to distribute important materials to department employees this week.  With only 24 hours, Ryan coordinated a major job with great service, no complaints and great quality (and ahead of schedule)! — Nominated by Missy Brunetta, Police and Parking Services, April 20, 2009

Sophie Summers, Leo Alvillar, and Amanda McGowan, Common Management Systems; Carey King, Information Technology; Pat Jackson, Departments of Criminology and Criminal Justice

I would like to nominate Amanda, Sophie, Leo, Carey, and Pat for all of the work they have done to create a new advising tool for our transfer students. The Initial Evaluation of Transfer Credit is a much more user friendly document that helps both students and their faculty advisors understand how course work from other institutions meets SSU requirements. Their creativity, patience, dedication and talent will support our new students and help them make a successful transition to our University. I am sure others were involved in this process as well, and kudos go out to you too. Thank you! — Nominated by Jacqueline Holley, Student Affairs, April 16, 2009

Sandy Destiny, University Affairs

When I was having "technical details" with last's week issue of NewsBytes, Sandy dropped what she was doing and offered help. She made all the necessary repairs in time for us to meet our distribution deadline of Friday at noon. Thanks very much Sandy!! — Nominated by Susan Kashack, University Affairs, March 27, 2009

Todd Wright, Telecommunication Services

I would like to thank Todd Wright for the wonderful job that he did for the Office of Admissions and Records recently, when he had the very daunting task of sorting through all of the Admissions and Records voicemail applications and then re-recording all the messages. Todd is always so friendly and helpful and does a great job for us, no matter what the task is, and we want him to know how much we appreciate him.— Nominated by Vicki Johnson, Admissions and Records, March 20, 2009

Melinda Barnard, Academic Affairs

I would like to thank Melinda for speaking at the 13th annual Woman Student Leader of the Year Award reception. Her message to this amazing group of student leaders was spot-on as was her authenticity, humor and passion. In the midst of our incredibly busy lives, I really appreciate Melinda for taking the time out to share last Monday evening and know the students share with me the same sentiment.— Nominated by Heather Howard, Center for Student Leadership, Involvement & Service, March 20, 2009

Ryan Ernst, Brittany Bouchard, and Alex Reveles, Entrepreneurial Services

Ryan and his capable student assistants, Brittany Bouchard and Alex Reveles, deserve sustained applause for the outstanding job they did with the Hillside Village Open House the week of March 2 through 5. This Open House provided the SSU Community the opportunity to tour townhomes and apartments in the Tuscany & Beaujolais Villages. Ryan went the extra mile in making sure the four day event was well publicized, supplied with food and snacks, and very exciting with complimentary t-shirts, cups, and raffle prizes for those who attended. Ryan and his students also did almost all the work, themselves, keeping the costs to provide the Open House as low as possible. Thank you, Ryan, Brittany, and Alex! — Nominated by Nicole Hendry and Tim Tiemens, Housing Services, March 10, 2009

Chuck Elliot and Todd Simmons, Facilities Management

In the process of our daily lives we utilize carts on campus to assist with our work. When those carts stop functioning we call Chuck and Todd! These guys are not only experts in their fields, they reuse parts and equipment in order to help keep costs down on this campus. I appreciate all you do for me as well as the rest of campus. Thanks! — Nominated by Andrew Heller, Conferences and Events, March 5, 2009

Mike Nelson, Information Technology

Mike Nelson supports our office on a constant basis. I would like to formally say thank you for keeping our computers up and running, our copier copying, and our laughter flowing. Thanks Mike! — Nominated by Andrew Heller, Conferences and Events, March 5, 2009

Henry Amaral, Jay Hubbard, Joseph Mcniff, Jared Holmgren, John Goelz, Willie Lee, Herb Dickerson, Bruce Lindsley, Tommy Stokes, Ira Mckern, Alonso Gonzalez-Yanez, and Frank Nides

Kinesiology and Athletics have many to thank for helping them reorganize and bring in the new equipment. Because of the efforts of these individuals we were able to safely move this equipment. The entire team provided great assistance on such a large and daunting task making the entire process effortless. Thanks to Henry Amaral and his crew Jay Hubbard, Joseph Mcniff, Jared Holmgren, the equipment practically moved itself. Thanks to Coach John Goelz for lending us his muscles Morgan Rodriquez,Troy Brown, Jeremy Brown, Cory Sunday, Jonathan Flynn, Eric Cammal, and Garrett Gooselaw. Many others were vital to this move including Willie Lee who lent his truck, and his emotional support. We would also like to thank Herb Dickerson, Bruce Lindsley, Tommy Stokes, Ira Mckern, Alonso Gonzalez-Yanez, and Frank Nides in facilities for their contributions with modifying, repairing, and creating a new look and feel for the weight room. Thank you for a job well done! — Nominated by Gloria Allen, Kinesiology, February 2, 2009

Matt Benney, Jean Wasp, Laurie Ogg, Sara Young, and Robin Draper

University Development would like to recognize the collaborative efforts of Matt Benney, Jean Wasp, Laurie Ogg, Sara Young and Robin Draper that resulted in a recent gift commitment of more than $40,000 from Judy & Joe Gappa. The Gappas first became engaged with Sonoma State through a donation to the Green Music Center. Because of their passion for education, they wanted to be further involved and have established the Yes, We Can! Scholarship Fund to assist low-income students. To learn more about this scholarship visit: Without the teamwork of Matt, Jean, Laurie, Sara and Robin this gift would not have been possible. Please join us with some big high-fives for these five awesome SSU staff members! — Nominated by Patricia McNeill, Vice President for University Development, February 2, 2009

Janet Swing, Andre Bailey, Edie Brown, Sandra Shand, and Luis Vega

We want to recognize the entire advising staff for their outstanding work during the December registration period. This was the most stressful registration we have ever experienced - with too many students and too few classes. The entire team went above and beyond their usual excellent work, and provided great assistance and comfort for many stressed out students. Kudos to the entire team. — Nominated by Joyce Chong and Bruce Peterson, January 23, 2009