Applause Awards Recipients - 2012

Kathleen Hardy, Administrative Coordinator, Biology

During one of the busiest times of the semester - finals week - there are often urgent needs to be met. I needed to locate one of the professors quickly, and Kathleen very kindly offered to physically go look for him. After I initially directed her to the wrong classroom, she not only remained kind and respectful of my mistake, but offered to go back out and locate him. This was all done in an extremely timely manner, and Kathleen's kindness and professionalism was a breath of fresh air. Thank you, Kathleen, for taking the time to meet this student's need so quickly and efficiently. — Nominated by JoAnne Jaggars, Administrative Support Assistant, Disability Services for Students, December 14, 2012

Advising and EOP Services Team: Andre Bailey, Anya Bergman, Lisa Brooks, Edie Brown, Sandra Shand, Janet Swing, and Luis Vega

I want to recognize the entire staff of Advising and EOP Services for going above and beyond in helping students register for Spring semester classes. As courses started to close and tension mounted, everyone stepped up and did an amazing job calming down the students and helping them get their classes. This was the most stressful registration any of us has ever experienced, and the staff did an outstanding job. THANKS! — Nominated by Bruce Peterson, Associate Director, EOP, December 10, 2012

Lisa Noto, Vayta Smith, Elizabeth O'Brien, Susan Gutierrez, Nicholas Saschin, Brent Boyer, Bruce Peterson, and Jean Snyder

The School of Extended Education would like to thank the managers and staff across campus for their many hours of assistance to ensure the implementation of Intersession registration for matriculated students via MySSU met each department’s requirements. Their knowledge and advice was invaluable in the process. We’d like to thank: Lisa Noto, University Registrar, Vayta Smith, Associate Director of Admissions, Elizabeth O’Brien, Director of Seawolf Service Center, Susan Gutierrez, Director of Financial Aid, Nicholas Saschin, Accounting Administrator - Cashier/Accounts Receivable, Brent Boyer, Director of Disability Services for Students, Bruce Peterson, Associate Director of EOP, and Jean Snyder, Accountant II— Nominated by Robert Rosen Director of Business and Operations, Extended Education and Marcia Harrigan, Faculty Support & Scheduling Specialist, Extended Education, November 16, 2012.

Pictured: Nicholas Saschin, Susan Gutierrez, Jean Snyder, Elizabeth O'Brien and Brent Boyer. Not Pictured: Lisa Noto, Vayta Smith and Bruce Peterson.

Common Management Systems Team: Ross Stivison, Jaime Russell, Erica Klafter, Peter Flores, Teresa James & Cindy Miller

The School of Extended Education would like to thank the CMS team comprised of Ross Stivison, Jaime Russell, Erica Klafter, Peter Flores, Teresa James and Cindy Miller who spent many hours to implement Intersession registration via MySSU for matriculated students. This effort involved pulling together an advising team of managers and staff across campus to ensure the processes and procedures of normal registration in Fall and Spring semesters were being followed. This took several months of pre-planning and implementation to create a smooth and seamless transition for students. This project has been highly successful and will hopefully lead the way into Summer Session registration via MySSU for students. We are extremely grateful to the CMS team for their professionalism and generosity of time. — Nominated by Robert Rosen Director of Business and Operations, Extended Education and Marcia Harrigan, Faculty Support & Scheduling Specialist, Extended Education, November 16, 2012.

Pictured: Erica Klafter, Peter Flores, Jaime Russell, Teresa James and Ross Stivison. Not Pictured: Cindy Miller.

Members of the Facilities Management team: Christopher Dinno, John Champie, Sam Youney, Tom Daly, Jason Friend, Sam Mahnken, Eanna McBrien, Rob Cunningham, Kevin Otten, Tony Machado, Yri Mendoza, Jose Aceves, Larry Stone

I am nominating for an Applause Award the following Facilities Management personnel who designed and built the Mario Savio Speakers’ Corner. Christopher Dinno spent many hours with the members of the Memorial Committee, listening to those of us who had stories to tell about Mario and his time at SSU and his contributions to social justice, human rights and free speech. Christopher designed a beautiful and perfect space that honors Mario and gives Sonoma State University a speakers’ corner that will encourage students, faculty, staff and community to gather, speak and reflect for many years to come. The facilities management staff then made it a reality. We all watched over the past few months as these workers dug footings, poured concrete, laid flagstone, affixed the tiles, and put the finishing touches on SSU’s beautiful Mario Savio Speakers’ Corner. Thank you all so very much! — Nominated by Elaine Sundberg, Associate Vice President, Academic Programs, November 15, 2012.

Holly Sautner, Assistant to the Dean, School of Social Sciences

Holly goes above and beyond to ensure that all Social Sciences faculty and staff have a workplace that runs efficiently, is free of unnecessary complications, and (best of all) is fun. In my service on the Election and Travel Committees, Holly has completed all of the groundwork without being asked, and with a gracious spirit, so that my contribution of time is reduced and simplified. She even brings homemade cookies to the committee meetings. We are all so lucky to have her as a colleague. — Nominated by Alexis Boutin, Assistant Professor, Anthropology, November 6, 2012

Michael Hazen, GeoTeam Consultant, Workstation Security and Services and Barbara Moore, Manager of New Media Development, Information Technology Web Services

Michael remained unfazed and pleasant as we struggled to figure out why I could not access the Movable Type program. Despite my numerous e-mails and phone messages to him, he maintained his friendly, helpful attitude as he stayed with the problem and worked with Barbara Moore on possible solutions. It took well over a week, but finally a suggestion from Barbara led him to remotely access my computer and make various adjustments. At last I can see the webpages I need to edit! Many thanks to you both. — Nominated by Susie McFeeters, Academic Support Specialist, School of Extended Education, October 16, 2012

Reggie Jiles, Custodian, Housekeeping

Reggie makes a point to always be kind and courteous in the work place. He constantly goes out of his way to make people feel welcomed in the student union whether that is by asking about their weekend, providing directions, or by simply welcoming them in. — Nominated by Andrew Heller, Business Analyst & Operations Specialist, Conference and Events Services, October 09, 2012

Erin Taylor, Payroll/Benefits Analyst, Payroll & Benefits

I was changing health plans during the open enrollment period and Erin was so helpful throughout the process. During a busy and stressful time of the year, she went above and beyond her job duties to help me enroll in the correct plan. Thank you Erin, it is much appreciated! — Nominated by Karen Pennrich, Customer Services Specialist, Customer Services, October 09, 2012

Steven Nank, Mail and Receiving Coordinator, Mail and Receiving

Steven Nank has an excellent rapport with his Student Assistants. He can be a very mellow person, yet when it comes to doing his demanding job, he is ever on the move! When a Student has a question he is a very patient listener and explains things in a calm manner. You would never know that he has a million things on his mind that all ask for his immediate attention. Way to go Steven! You set a wonderful example for us all. — Nominated by Dee Pettis, Mail Clerk, Mail and Receiving, September 26, 2012

Toni Boracchia, Sippy Levine, Carolyn Montgomery, Student Health Center

After getting stung behind the ear by a yellow jacket last week, these three ladies from Student Health really came through for me in a scary situation. Sippy, Toni, and Carolyn kept me calm, made sure my asthma/allergies didn't flare up, and kept the ice packs coming. I truly appreciate their care and professionalism. If you absolutely have to get stung, these ladies will have your back! — Nominated by Kathryn Atwood, Administrative Analyst/Specialist, Hutchins School of Liberal Studies, September 25, 2012

Janet Pearsall, Frank Nides, Ira McKern, Tommy Stokes, Dan Kizirian, Larry Stone, Chuck Elliott, Mark Utarid, Seth Utarid, John Champie, John Duke, Facilities Management

The Facilities Management department did a tremendous job in restoring power to the Sonoma State University Observatory building at the southeast end of campus. A small fire on a nearby hill disrupted our power and threatened our first scheduled Public Viewing Night on September 14th. But due to their hard work and quick response, we were able to open up and host about 100 visitors that night! — Nominated by Scott Severson, Associate Professor, Physics and Astronomy, September 17, 2012

Rosie Schramm, Information Technology Consultant, Workstation Security and Services

Rosie is always cheerful and has a "can-do" attitude. When we had problems with our new printer, Rosie worked all morning getting our access set up. She is wonderful to work with! — Nominated by Dolores Bainter, Administrative Support Coordinator, Music Department, September 12, 2012

Yvonne Burbank, Associate Athletic Director

Yvonne has truly lent support to our student athletes in helping them as well as the coaching staff in coordinating class schedules that meet the necessary requirements for them to move forward in their academic quest and at the same time making it possible for them to continue to participate in their sport of choice.  This is no easy feat and she has been able to bring some comfort and reassurance to all of us. — Nominated by Val Verhunce, Head Coach for Men's and Women's Golf, August 13, 2012

Nick Arnold, Information Technology Consultant, Workstation Security and Services

Nick is a superstar. He assisted me with a nagging Outlook calendaring sync issue between my phone and my calendar client. He spent about 15 minutes (on two separate occasions) trying to figure it out and was at last, successful. I appreciate all his efforts and I am sure he will continue to provide great service to not only his fellow team members but the entire campus as well. — Nominated by Todd Wright, Network Security and Communication Services, August 6, 2012

Julie Rodgers, Mail Clerk, Mail and Receiving

Julie Rodgers is an outstanding team member of the campus Mail Services Department. While her supervisor is on vacation, she assumes all the myriad responsibilities of Shipping and Receiving. This week, while covering in his absence, she climbed on the fork lift and unloaded 21 palettes of paper weighing 2,000 lbs. each. This was accomplished along with an extra-large workload of mailings from several departments on campus. We admire Julie's tireless energy and infectious laugh that brightens the day of all around her. We applaud Julie Rodger's dedication and contributions to Sonoma State University. — Nominated by Lisa Johnson and Dee Pettis, Mails Clerks in Mail and Receiving, August 1, 2012

Marcia Harrigan, Administrative Analyst/Specialist, School of Extended Education and Vayta Smith, Associate Director of Admissions and Records

The newly implemented Early Start Program, a summer program for new freshmen needing remediation, could not have been accomplished without the work of many, many individuals from across campus and from all Divisions. However, two people stand out for their outstanding work in getting students to select and enroll in Early Start this summer: Marcia Harrigan and Vayta Smith. Marcia and Vayta both put in untold hours of their time getting SSU's new freshmen who needed English and/or Math remediation to sign up for the summer online courses. This involved communicating with over 800 students, coordinating class schedules, and answering numerous email and phone inquiries from students and their parents. Marcia was responsible for scheduling the on line classes, working with the English and Math Departments to hire faculty, adding classes as demand required, and answering a myriad of questions from students, parents, faculty and staff. Vayta developed SSU's webpage on Early Start, continued to update it as new classes were added, coordinated efforts with the CMS staff, and communicated several times by email and phone to remind students to sign up for the classes. Both Vayta and Marcia were immediately responsive to questions and concerns raised regarding implementing this newly mandated program. I want to thank Marcia and Vayta, on behalf of the Early Start Committee, for their cheerful willingness to take on this new mandate and for how successfully they accomplished it! — Nominated by Elaine Sundberg, Associate Vice President for Academic Programs, July 26, 2012

Pictured: Vayta Smith (left) and Marcia Harrigan

Administrative Information Systems Team: Kenneth Beck, Susan Bennett, Allen Cunningham, John Gleazer, Eleanor Henderson;

Common Management Systems (CMS) Team: Peter Flores, Teresa James, Erica Klafter, Amanda McGowan, Cindy Miller, Meryl Montalto, Jaime Russell, Ross Stivison, Xiaodong Zhu;

Evan Ferguson, Work Station Security and Services (formerly CMS)

The Administrative Information Systems team from IT and the Common Management Systems team are being nominated for exemplary work in successfully completing the HCM 9.0 upgrade on time and without issue. Over the year (15 months), the teams collectively logged over 10,000 hours on this project.  It was very complex and demanded the resolution of numerous critical issues while continuing to support the needs of the University. — Nominated by Geoff Cirullo, Interim Director, Administrative Information Systems, July 9, 2012

Pictured: Kenneth Beck, Eleanor Henderson, John Gleazer, Susan Bennett, Allen Cunningham.

Pictured: (front row) Erica Klafter, Ross Stivison, Meryl Montalto, Amanda McGowan, Jaime Russell; (back row) Peter Flores, Cindy Miller, Xiaodong Zhu, Evan Ferguson. Not Pictured: Teresa James.

Carol Baker and Mo Llanes, Information Technology Consultants, Workstation Security and Support Services

Many thanks to Carol Baker and Modesto (“Mo”) Llanes of Workstation Security and Services. They both rose to the occasion by setting up two videoconferencing interviews with very little turnaround time, using software that we don’t typically use, but were easy for the candidates to operate. The first interview we tested several times, but the second we went in cold, and both worked beautifully! By setting these up, I learned about a highly effective, convenient, and easy video-conferencing method that can be used for pre-screening candidates instead of having them travel to us; a great money-saving idea for some positions. Additional thanks to Mo for graciously providing our off-campus guest with special technology assistance. Everyone on the search committee applauded your great work, Mo and Carol! — Nominated by Kathleen Spitzer, Managing Director of Employee Services, July 2, 2012

Lori Heffernon, Director of Academic Resources

While Lori wears many hats in the Office of Academic Affairs, her work coordinating incoming Freshman coursework schedules through the Freshman Learning Cohorts has been outstanding. Not only has Lori worked diligently to accommodate all the complexities of the program into a cohesive whole, but she tackles FLC challenges that arise with both grace and competence. Unseen by students and parents attending Summer Orientation, Lori's adroit management of course scheduling is one of the leading reasons Summer Orientation runs as successfully as it does. We couldn't do it without you Lori - thank you!  — Nominated by Sean P. Johnson, Director, Orientation/Judicial Affairs, June 5, 2012

Holly Sautner, Assistant to the Dean, School of Social Sciences

Holly was the person who organized and implemented a highly successful meeting of 35 Humanities and Social Sciences deans from the CSU's across the state. From meetings, to dinners, to gifts, to accommodations and food, Holly handled it all. She did so with good humor, incredible organizational skills and remarkable foresight. We could not have done this without her. The Dean's all said it was the best meeting we have had in years. Thanks to Holly! — Nominated by Elaine Leeder, Dean, School of Social Sciences, May 16, 2012

Bruce Carpe, Director; Stephanie Torres, Information Technology Consultant; and Student Assistants, Ashley Timmerman and Kyle Kline, Video Production/Instructional Technology Services Department

The Holocaust and Genocide lecture series is preserved for all to see because of your diligence and attention!  Thank you all for spreading the black tape, and eventually, the words and images of our speakers! — Nominated by Myrna Goodman, Associate Professor of Sociology and Director, Center for the Study of the Holocaust and Genocide, May 9, 2012

Matthew Lopez-Phillips, Interim Vice President for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management

Matthew Lopez-Phillips worked tirelessly to keep the Multicultural Center open and to facilitate the Hiring Committee, leading to the widely appreciated appointment of Mark Fabionar to direct the Center. In the face of important but challenging questions and perspectives from faculty that diverge significantly from his own, Matthew listens with focus and grace. Matthew's attendance at student events, his humor, and his consistent support is especially noteworthy. — Nominated by Janet Hess, Associate Professor, Hutchins School of Liberal Studies, May 2, 2012

Melissa Millward, Day Custodian, Housekeeping

Melissa consistently does a fantastic job cleaning and stocking Ameci's. Melissa goes out of her way to assure that we have what we need to make it through the weekend. She makes it easier for us to concentrate on our jobs knowing that she has done hers. Melissa is always a pleasure to work with. — Nominated by Paula Hamdorf, Food Service Worker I, Ameci Pizza, April 18, 2012

John Muller, Library Assistant III, Access Services

Over the course of this semester, I have had a number of odd multimedia needs, especially as related to material whose forms are difficult to use. In every instance, John Muller has come through with an innovative and instant solution to my problems. He has helped me to enhance my teaching through his expertise in the area of Media Services, and I am very grateful. (Plus, he knows everything about movies and is just great to consult on this topic.) — Nominated by Suzanne Toczyski, Professor of French, April 18, 2012

Missy Brunetta, Manager of Parking and Police Support Operations

Missy is always quick to answer any questions that arise. She is friendly no matter what is being asked. — Nominated by Michael Hazen, Information Technology Consultant, March 14, 2012

Ray Brown, Building Service Engineer, Operations and Engineering

On a sleepy Sunday in March, Ray Brown was kind enough to come out and help Police Services retrieve a misplaced bicycle out of the duck pond. A young boy lost control of his bicycle and it rolled into the lake. Without any complaint Ray came to the rescue and within 10 minutes was able to retrieve the bicycle and made the young boy's day. Thank you Ray for you dedication and cheerful nature. You make Sonoma State proud. — Nominated by Officer Karl Mortenson and Dispatcher Debbie Nelson, Police and Parking Services, March 5, 2012

Moe Calvez, Information Technology Consultant, Workstation Security and Services

Twice in the last month, Moe Calvez has been willing to race over from Schulz to Salazar to download Webex presentation software for us, 10 minutes before our presentations were scheduled to start. That, and his always agreeable responses as well as his rapid response time whenever we call him, makes him a pleasure to work with! While we give him great feedback on footprints (the automated customer service survey), we thought we needed to give him a standing ovation for the entire campus to see. Thank you for doing what you do, Moe! — Nominated by Kathleen Spitzer, Terrie DeLorm, Dana Stekkinger, Emily Bawanan, Debbie Harrington, and Jessica Rojas, Employee Services, March 2, 2012

Sandra Piantanida, Administrative Coordinator, English Department

In addition to many fine qualities and professional abilities, Sandy Piantanida frequently and consistently demonstrates extraordinary customer service skills. The English Department serves over 270 majors, over 40 graduate students, and most freshmen (over 700 per semester!), who must take an English lower-division GE course. Sandy makes every student she serves feel important and valued. She goes to great lengths to make sure all students get the classes they need. If she doesn't know an answer she'll find it. Her relaxed, friendly and professional demeanor is especially reassuring to new students who may feel a little intimated in a university setting. We feel very lucky and tremendously proud to have Sandy representing the English Department. — Nominated by Merle Williams and John Kunat, English Department, January 24, 2012