Applause Awards Recipients - 2013


Conchita Macarty, Admissions and Records

The Applause program recognizes excellence in four categories:

 (1) Goes beyond the call of duty,

 (2) Assists without being asked,

 (3) Completes a task in a manner that allows others to more easily complete their work, and

 (4) Performs exemplary work or support for a special event or campus function.

 Recently, Conchita Macarty demonstrated excellence in three out of the four of those categories, and in addition has done something much more important in that she has made it more likely that a student will graduate in a timely manner.

 Recently there were some inconsistencies and some confusion in one of our students' graduation paperwork. Rather than simply sending back the forms, Conchita researched the issue and wrote up a detailed explanation of the problem, providing information that enabled the advisor to immediately address the specific deficiencies. Without Conchita's taking the initiative to directly contact the advisor, going beyond the call of duty, and providing detailed information, the student's graduation might have been delayed. Applause, applause!!— Nominated by Professor Jeffrey Reeder, Modern Languages Literature, December 12, 2013

Conchita MaCarty


Jennifer Camilleri,Police and Parking Services

Jennifer was very helpful in arranging parking permits and checking to make sure that guests for my class had been issued permits. This ensured that my guests were well received when they arrived on campus. — Nominated by Prof. Robert Girling, December 06, 2013

Jennifer Camilleri

Ashley Amador, Student Records and Amanda McGowan, CMS

As we become more reliant on electronic tools for Academic Advising it is important to students that these tools are as accurate and up to date as possible.  I applaud Ashley and Amanda for their roles in keeping Articulation and CMS systems as current and precise as possible.  As an Advisor, every time I see a glitch in a student record, or see something that seems like a system anomaly, Ashley and/or Amanda know how answer my question or will fix the problem often correcting the irregularity before I am even able respond to a student query.  I enjoy working with such highly accomplished professionals.. — Nominated by Janet Swing , Academic Advising October 03, 2013

Amanda and Ashley

Catharyn Hatcher-England, Extended Education

Cathy is always willing to help with whatever tasks are at hand. As a marketing specialist, Cathy creates visual identities for EXCEL, OLLI and many other Extended Ed programs that make us all look good and help us to be successful. She took over administrative duties for the OLLI program during a time of transition and helped design a successful summer program and produces the annual donor recognition luncheon. She does her job quietly, with grace, courtesy and integrity. Thank you Cathy! — Nominated by Alison Marks, Excel Director, September 18, 2013

Mira Aceves, Chris Bramble, Lisa Revere, Todd Wright, Network Security and Communication Services

In addition to the last minute hurly-burly of the Student Center networking issues, Mira, Chris, Lisa, and Todd found time to expedite emergencies in Social Sciences (printer issues) and School of Education (networking activations) that made it easier for these schools to prepare students for the new semester.— Nominated by Michael Hazen, Information Technology, August 26, 2013

Housing, Residential Life, Facilities, IT, Dining Staff, SSU Bookstore, Seawolf Services, and Marketing Staffs Department: all over the above

Now that the students have all moved in and we are officially in another year and semester, I wanted to take a minute to bring attention to the amazing staffs at the Housing Office, Residential Life, facilities, IT and Dining!!! The efforts of Housing to orchestrate the applications, notifications of where people were housed, and the entire move in process were incredible. It really does take a village (campus) to do the checking and rechecking of facilities, to place items of welcome and info into the student rooms, to the creating a wonderful opening BBQ, to take care of issues as they arose on opening days, to make sure signage was up and ready to go, to continuous garbage pick-ups, to ID cards and payments being made, to host receptions, opening building meetings and so much more. The amount of time and effort put forth was really noticeable and I heard so many positive comments from parents and students about the process and how sooth it was. I know this does not JUST HAPPEN!  Sorry if I missed anyone :) Thanks everyone! Here's to a great year!— Nominated by Mo Phillips, August 20, 2013

Frank Gravante, Information Technology

Frank was doing some computer updates in the GMC Education Building. He saw that I just had a printer delivered and offered to set it up for me. He then went the extra mile by setting up a second printer. I appreciate his generosity with his time and expertise. Thanks! — Nominated by Dolores Bainter, Music, August 09, 2013

Pam Su, Recreation Center

I applaud Pam Su for many reasons and while I would like to submit many, I’m only focusing on applauding a specific event.  I, and many, applaud Pam Su for her initiative to build the Recreation Center here at SSU.  While there were many amazing individuals involved, Pam was and forever will be the corner stone of this sustainably healthy building.  "As the visionary behind that project, she inspired the process but in true Pam Su fashion, kept her distance and allowed the students to mold it and lead it.  When it opened in 2004, the Recreation Center was one of the first in the CSU and set the standard for facility design – it still sets the standard for sustainable building design.  Four rec centers later and that is still the most beautiful one on LPA’s resume." Krista Smith (Fitness Coordinator 2004-2007). — Nominated by Ryan Fitzpatrick, Recreational Center July 18, 2013

Pam Su


Cara Brustol, Melissa Johnston, Tarik Kanaana, Lynne Lyle, Ashley Murray, Kristina Sisseck, Lia Thompson-Clark, Jess Truttman, SSU Children’s School

I have been observing Lynne for the last year as my oldest son, has been in her class at the SSU Children's School.  Lynne is an incredible teacher, but what makes her so special is her leadership.  I witness, on a daily basis, her interactions with the children in the classroom as well as the SSU Student Assistants.  She is the type of leader who leads by example, but yet provides the opportunity for the SSU Student Assistants to grow as Early Childhood Development teachers.  She is teaching invaluable life skills to these future teachers and current students.  Another Leadership quality that Lynne possesses is her vision and passion.  She creates an environment where the children can explore the outside world.  One can obviously see that she spends time planning and implementing new actives to educate the whole person at the Children's School. It is easier to be a great leader when you have an incredible Associate Teacher, Kristina Sisseck.  Kristina has taught me so much about early childhood development and has made me a better parent! I wanted to thank Lynne and Kristina for their leadership qualities and their dedication to our children. Every employee at the SSU Children's School deserves to be recognized, from Tarik Kanaana the cook, Cara Brustol the program Coordinator, all the master and associate teachers, (Ashley Murray, Jess Truttman, Melissa Johnston), to the Director, Lia Thompson-Clark. The SSU Children's School is vital to our community.  Not only are they providing a valuable and necessary service to the students, faculty, and staff parents, but they are providing early childhood development experience to the current SSU Students, which will help them when they become parents and/or teachers.— Nominated by Shawn Percell,  Athletics, May 28, 2013

Dining Services Staff

Working graduation all these years I knew how the employee community stepped up to ensure a wonderful day for all graduates and their families.  This year my graduation post shifted to the Commons and I saw first-hand how much Dining Services means to this community commitment. Set-up, communication and the never-ending request for supplies that always found themselves restocked within minutes.  Kudos to you all. — Nominated by Nancy Crosat, Athletics, May 16, 2013

Landscaping Department: Jose Aceves, George Atkinson, Luke Crawford, Robert Cunningham, James Doherty, Kevin Dunn, Alonso Gonzalez-Yanez, Jennifer Kielar, Jaime Lugo, Tony Machado, Yriberto Mendoza, Kevin Otten, Jay Pedersen, Jim Silva, Harry Staples, Larry Stone, Dan Twyford, Mike Twyford and Sam Youney

It is Spring Time and I am amazed at the beauty of the campus. The team is always working at maintaining the campus landscape and improving it. I can tell that they put a lot of pride into their work. I'm giving the entire landscaping crew a standing ovation! — Nominated by John-Scott Forester, Art Department, April 23, 2013

Tai Russotti, Office of the Dean Arts and Humanities

Tai Russotti is one of the most professional staffers I have ever met in the School. While showing warmth, compassion, and respect to the faculty, Tai accurately addresses complex budget and scheduling issues that require a great depth of understanding. Tai has a beatific smile that calms her colleagues, even while she is working at a furious pace to complete her work. Her sense of duty and dedication is greatly appreciated by the School. She is trustworthy and has a kind spirit. She serves as a wonderful inspiration to us all. Congrats for a job well done! — Nominated by Elizabeth Burch, Communication Studies, April 17, 2013

Neil Markley, Entrepreneurial Activities

The vending machine upstairs in Salazar Hall jammed when I tried to buy a soda with dollar bills. The card reader became disabled and nobody else could use the machine. I felt bad my bill had jammed the machine. I knew better than to use bills in that machine and should have put money on my Seawolf Card. Out of nowhere Neil appeared with the Golden Touch. I was defeated by the machine and Neil stepped up and got the machine to release my dollar bill and it unjammed the machine. It took him a few minutes to troubleshoot and get it to release the dollar bill. You know there are days when you just want a Pepsi and that machine won't give it to you. Thank you Neil for the Pepsi and for unjamming the machine! — Nominated by Carson Williams, Financial Aid, April 15, 2013

Neil Markley

Kathryn Atwood, Administrative Analyst/Specialist, Hutchins School of Liberal Studies

Kathryn Atwood, Administrative Analyst/Specialist, Hutchins School of Liberal Studies Since she joined the Hutchins School just a little over a year ago, Kat has contributed in many ways to the overall functioning of the program. Perhaps most significantly she has revised our website, which was in desperate need of an upgrade. She always responds promptly and effectively to requests for support or supplies, and has gone out of her way to provide assistance on a number of occasions. — Nominated by Debora Hammond, School of Arts and Humanities, March 20, 2013

Kathryn Atwood

Kathryn Jeon, Library Assistant, Technical Services

Kathryn is a new addition to the Library's Circulation Department. Before Kathryn came to the department it was a chore to try to fill the various staff absences--not so any more... Kathryn jumps at the chance to help and gladly takes on all the slots that need to be filled! Hooray for Kathryn! — Nominated by Jack Ritchie, Library Assistant, Access Services, March 06, 2013

Applause Award Recipient Kathryn Jeon

Ashley Saelee, Student Assistant, University Dining Services

Ashley always goes above and beyond her job duties. She focuses on what needs to be done for Amecis as well as what she can do for her co-workers. Ashley takes it upon herself to make sure everything it taken care of at Amecis and she has filled in for her co-workers with a very short notice. Ashley has worked here for 4 years and I have been in the food industry for over 30 years, I am very impressed with her work ethic. — Nominated by Victoria Rhodes, Food Service Worker I, University Dining Services February 26, 2013

Dash Musser-Brauner, Custodian, Housekeeping

Dash never fails to enter Building 49 with a smile! Rain or shine, he is here with a good spirit, positive attitude, and humor. It is refreshing to know you can always count on him to be polite and courteous to staff, Student Assistants, and program participants in the office. Thank you, Dash, for all you do and for being a member of our team! — Nominated by Casandra Olivares, Program Coordinator, Early Academic Outreach and Vanessa Bascherini, ATS Outreach Advisor, Early Academic Outreach February 27, 2013

Lynne Lyle, Master Teacher, Children's School

Lynne Lyle goes above and beyond her job requirements every day. Lynne takes time to greet and chat with every student assistant that comes into our classroom. Lynne creates beautiful displays to promote and educate the community regarding the importance of Early Childhood Education. She takes time outside of work to promote and advertise the Children's School through publish articles in "Connection" (a Child Development Magazine). Lynne flourishes with exceptional ideas to expand curriculum, build relationships with parents, and develop staff. Lynne is a true advocate and leader in the field of Early Childhood Education. — Nominated by Kristina Sisseck, Associate Teacher, Children’s School, February 22, 2013

Lynne Lyle

Conchita Macarty, Academic Records Specialist, Admissions

I would like to recognize Conchita Macarty for her commitment to the Graduation Team and the entire Records & Registration Department. Conchita consistently demonstrates amazing customer service to faculty, staff and students. Her dedication to our students certainly shines through with her friendly, positive attitude and professional abilities. She goes to great lengths to ensure that every student feel important and valued. Thank you Conchita! — Nominated by Ashley Amador, Student Records, February 21, 2013

Applause Award recipient Conchita Macarty

Lakin Khan, Administrative Coordinator, Biology

Lakin always goes above and beyond to take care of other people's needs. She will not hesitate to put down what she is working on to help someone in need. She has been a superb mentor. Lakin is someone whom everyone knows they can rely upon. She is a wealth of knowledge and her vast experience means she has an answer to practically any question. No matter what Lakin is dealing with she is always friendly and considerate. She makes an extra effort to cultivate a feeling of community in her daily gestures to coworkers. In short, any employee should aspire to be more like Lakin Khan and in doing so make the entire University a better place to work, and a more effective organization.— Nominated by Brian Batoosingh, Administrative Coordinator, Biology, February 20, 2013

Lakin Khan

Steve Motley, Building Service Engineer, Operations and Engineering

Steve went out of his way to figure out why my office has been cold for YEARS! His determination has really paid off and I so appreciate that he continues to check in to make sure the heating system is working for everyone on my floor in Stevenson. Big applause to you, Steve! — Nominated by Laurel Holmstrom February 19, 2013

Jessica Avner, Food Service Worker I, Dining Services

Jessica went above and beyond for me today at Charlie Brown's Cafe. I have new dietary restrictions and she was extremely helpful in pointing me in the right direction. I'm appreciative of all her knowledge. Thank you, Jessica! — Nominated by Anonymous, February 18, 2013

Ana Muñoz, Administrative Support Coordinator, Nursing

Ana interacts daily with dozens of students, faculty and potential students and their families. In each interaction she is always respectful, kind, informative and practical. She is calm, cheerful and offers clear direction to absolutely everyone who approaches her desk or calls the department office. Ana has a bicultural background and is an asset to our office because of her well-developed cultural skills which she uses in her communication and behavior with students, staff and faculty. Ana especially strives to create a welcoming atmosphere for new students who are gaining confidence in navigating complex systems at SSU. Each day when I come to work, I look forward to coming into the front office and seeing Ana's bright smile. — Nominated by M Kelly, Faculty, Nursing, February 16, 2013

Eileen Lua, Administrative Support Coordinator, Nursing

Eileen works very hard to keep track, stay informed and plan ahead in managing the multifaceted tasks in our department. She is so talented at managing the complex task involved in running a busy, complex department. Eileen has a gentle, caring approach with students and is especially adept at making everyone feel special. She is an amazing problem solver. Eileen is an asset to our department and SSU. — Nominated by M Kelly, Faculty, Nursing, February 16, 2013


Terry Cheney Sr., Building Service Engineer, Operations and Engineering

Mr. Cheney has been working on various heating and cooling issues in Carson Hall for some weeks now, and not only replaced our ancient thermostats, he has gone above and beyond in helping us make our offices more comfortable. He has checked in multiple times to make sure the heating and cooling was functioning properly, and even discovered strange airflow issues in our office. He fixed these issues in record time. We applaud his tenacity, hard work, and detective skills! — Nominated by Donna Garbesi, Academic Advisor, Hutchins School of Liberal Studies and Kathryn Atwood, Administrative Specialist, Hutchins School of Liberal Studies, January 29, 2013

Administrative Staff, Technicians, Department Chairs, Department Faculty and Facilities from the School of Science & Technology and Facilities Department

A huge THANK YOU to all of the School of Science & Technology staff and faculty along with the dedicated facilities members - particularly Craig Dawson and Christopher Dinno - for your incredible response to the recent Darwin basement flood. We are GRATEFUL for all of the extra effort you have given to move classes and re-build laboratories. Your dedicated service goes above and beyond and has been essential to getting through this rough time. Here's to you ALL! — Nominated by Lynn Stauffer, Dean, School of Science and Technology, January 24, 2013

Media Services, Information Technology Department

I am one of the professors unable to use my smart classroom in the Darwin basement. Media services has bent over backwards to make each of my temporary classrooms "smart." They have wheeled equipment over and set it up efficiently and cheerfully. There have never been excuses for why it can't be done and they have made great use of their resources. In turn, the nursing students in my research class haven't had their learning compromised. Thank you! — Nominated by Jeanette Koshar RN, NP, PhD, Professor, Nursing, January 23, 2013