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Fall 2014 Core Classes

Survey of the Field of Practice in Conflict Resolution: 1 Unit/14 CEU

Fri eve, 9/12 & Sat, 9/13; $225; #4458

Core class; Pat Shanahan. This course provides an overview of conflict resolution practice, including: the diverse areas of direct application of conflict resolution methods; conflict resolution as a range of processes having to do with preventing, resolving, and healing damage from destructive conflict; and application of the approaches and values of conflict resolution by practitioners in many fields such as human resources, business, education, law, health care, social work, and public service. The course includes guest speakers discussing examples of how conflict resolution is applied in a variety of careers and community endeavors. Grade only.

Registration Deadline: Friday, August 29

Communication Skills in Conflict Resolution: 1 UNIT/14 CEU

Two Saturdays, 10/11 & 10/18; $225; #4460

Core class; Lorraine Segal. Wherever people are together, having differences and conflict is inevitable. Effective communication skills can turn these conflicts into opportunities to deepen mutual understanding, solve problems creatively, and co-exist peacefully. However, most of us find it challenging to listen and communicate well while disagreeing. This class introduces skills we need to succeed. Through lecture, small group discussion, short videos, role plays, and interactive exercises, we look at basic causes and biological imperatives of conflict, learn about our own approaches to conflict, and begin learning and practicing skills and techniques to enhance and expand our conflict communication tool kit. This includes techniques for active/empathic listening, expressing our feelings and needs in ways others can hear, untangling and releasing blame and assumptions, and managing strong emotions--ours and theirs.

Registration Deadline: Friday, October 3

Negotiation I: 2 UNITS/28 CEU

Sat/Sun 11/1 & 2 and 11/15 & 16; $475; #4462

Core class; Gary Weiner. Negotiation is a part of everyday life, but few of us are familiar with the systematic steps that can lead to successful outcomes. This course introduces key factors that significantly affect the negotiation process, including: an analysis of different types of conflict and how to work with each in the negotiation setting; how to distinguish between one's own interests, issues, and positions and those of the person on the other side of the conflict; how to focus on developing procedural, relational, and substantive satisfaction about the outcome; and how to create durable, long lasting agreements. Understanding negotiation is vital preparation for mediation training. Course serves as a prerequisite for Mediation I.

Registration Deadline: Friday, October 24

Mediation I: 2 UNITS/28 CEU

Sat/Sun 12/6 & 7 and 12/13 & 14; $475; #4463

Registration Deadline: Wednesday, December 4

Core class; Gary Weiner. Conflicts surround us--in family, work, community, and the larger world. Even when people have learned how to negotiate for satisfactory resolution of conflicts, sometimes negotiations get stalled, causing great frustration to all involved and possibly leading to litigation. In these situations, mediation can help the parties move to resolution. This course systematically introduces the skills and tools you need to understand and use the mediation process. Through mediation simulations, you will learn the basic concepts and experiment with being both a mediator and a participant.

Required Books:

  • Getting to Yes by Fisher, Ury, and Patton
  • The Mediator's Handbook by Beer, Packard, and Stief

Independent Learning A & B

By arrangement; $308 each

Are offered in the Spring, Summer and Fall only for Conflict Resolution Certificate Program students. Registration for these classes is done through the Program Coordinator after students have completed prerequisites. For materials, please contact Beth Warner at 707-664-3977 or

Registration Deadline: Tuesday, September 30

Fall 2014 Electives

Introduction to Restorative Justice: 1 UNIT/14 CEU

Two Saturdays, 8/23 & 9/6: $225; #4464

Elective: Amos Clifford. Restorative Justice is a process that brings together victims, offenders, and the community at large to facilitate reparation and healing. This approach is gaining acceptance in schools, courtrooms and even prisons. Learn the fundamental principles of restorative justice, its roots in indigenous cultures, and how it is being used locally and all over the United States. This course will prepare educators, youth workers, criminal justice workers, and social justice advocates to participate in the national dialogue from an informed perspective. CR/NC option.

Registration Deadline: Tuesday, August 19

Responding Resourcefully to Emotions in Conflict Situations: 1 UNIT/14 CEU

Sat/Sun 9/27 & 28: $250; #4461

Elective: Joy Meeker. Emotions are one of the most challenging aspects of working with conflict. This highly experiential class will review the principles of responding resourcefully to the emotions that accompany conflict, with a focus on practicing responses in a supportive learning environment. We will discuss making sense of your own emotional responses to conflict; diffusing charged emotions; enhancing your own and others' emotional intelligence; and how to support others in finding the meaning of the emotional content of their conflicts. This course will be useful to conflict practitioners as well as broadly applicable to the student's own professional and daily life. CR/NC option.

Registration Deadline: Friday, September 12

The Art of Listening: 1 UNIT/14 CEU

Fri eve 10/24 & Sat 10/25: $225; #4459

Elective: Pat Shanahan. The Art of Listening class is dedicated to help improve your communication skills no matter what profession you are in. It is estimated that listening represents 40% of our communication process and it is the channel most often used for learning. This highly interactive class will include lecture, role plays, and group exercises. The course will help develop essential skills for improving listening and enhancing one's overall communication experience. CR/NC option.

Registration Deadline: Friday, October 17

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