Refund Policy

Please familiarize yourself with the regulations that govern refunds and withdrawals from the School of Extended and international Education (SEIE). Students must officially request refunds by completing and signing a Class Drop and Refund Request form at the SEIE, or by faxing a request to 707/664-2613. To drop by phone, call (707) 664-2394. Requests for refunds of fees are accepted only during the current session. The effective date of a refund request is the day the completed "Class Drop and Refund Request Form" is received by the SEIE. If you drop a course which has not been canceled and apply for a refund, a portion of the fee is refunded according to the following schedules:

Refund Schedule: All classes except Academic Credit

If you are considering dropping a class, you should contact the SEIE at 707/664-2394 immediately to see if any refund is available. The amount of refund is dependent upon when the course is dropped through the SEIE. In the event of a canceled class, a full refund is given.

  • All fees are refunded if you drop prior to the day of the first class meeting. (Friday for a course that begins on Saturday, Sunday or Monday)
  • On or after the day of the first class meeting, 65% of fees are refunded when Class Drop and Refund Request forms are received before 25% of the course time has elapsed.
  • After 25% of course time has elapsed. No refund.
  • You can expect to receive your refund within four to six weeks.

Refund Schedule: Academic Credit Classes

Refund or cancellation of fees is calculated based on the student's total withdrawal date. Full refunds/cancellations will occur only if the student withdraws prior to the first day of instruction. After that date, refunds/cancellations will be pro-rated up through 60% of the semester after which no refunds will be granted.

Refund Schedule: Summer Session & Winter Intersession

  • All fees are refunded if you drop prior to the day of the first class meeting. (Friday for a course that begins on Saturday, Sunday or Monday).
  • First two days of session 65% refund given.
  • No refunds after the second day of session.

After the last day to drop you will need "serious and compelling" reasons.
Serious and compelling reasons include (but are not limited to):

  • An extended absence due to a verifiable accident, illness, or personal problem serious enough to cause withdrawal from the university;
  • An extended absence due to a death in the immediate family;
  • A necessary change in employment status which interferes with the student's ability to attend class. This change in employment status must be verified in writing by the students employer.

The following situations would not fall under the intent of "serious and compelling":

  • Failure to attend class, complete assignments, or take a test;
  • Dissatisfaction with course material, instructional method, or instructor;
  • Class is harder than expected;
  • Pressure of other classes, participation in social activities, or simple lack of motivation;
  • Change of major.

A petition form must be filled out and submitted to the School of Extended and International Education or you can be sent one by calling (707) 664-2394.