Testimonials for the Program

What our students are saying....

"I'm excited Sonoma State is finally offering an Hospitality Management Certificate Program. Dr. Lee has gone above and beyond for his students. He brought guest speakers from different parts of the hospitality industry to speak to our class. He encouraged the students to keep in touch, and learn from them. Dr. Lee is one of the few professor I have had, that wants us to learn first hand from the field of our choice, because it is the only thing books can't teach us.

He wants the best for his students. He kept us updated on job fairs going around us, as well as opportunities we might find useful in our future careers. Having been in the hospitality industry himself, he knows the challenges and rewards. He listens, cares, and willing to help in any way he can to see us succeed. If Dr. Lee teaches another hospitality class in a different field, I would sign up for his class."

Sophia Escobar

"After completing the Hospitality Management Certificate Program at SSU, I gained the confidence to pursue a career in the hospitality arena. The course provided a thorough understanding of the many different facets of the tourism and hospitality industry. I especially enjoyed the industry professionals who were guest speakers throughout our curriculum. 

Dr. Kyuho Lee has an exceptional rapport with his students and continuously extends his enthusiasm and personal attention to every student in his class. I'm confident this program offers a springboard to anyone who wishes to be successful in the hospitality and tourism industry."

Nicole Shimizu

"I cannot say enough good things about the new Hospitality Management Certificate Program offered at Sonoma State University School of Extended Education.This class gave a great overview of all the different areas in the hospitality & tourism industry. Professor Lee showed great passion in teaching this class. He is very knowledgeable and was there to help us understand all the different areas of this field. 

He not only used the textbook and his personal experiance, but also provided us with different case studies and guest speakers from around Sonoma County. These local business owners and mangers shared their personal experience and information about their businesses with us. They also gave us contact information for possible future employment and intership possibilites. I learned alot in this program and looked forward to going to class each week. I would highly recommend this program to anyone wanting to enter this industry."

Jane Mangham