Duane Dove, Ph.D.

Duane Dove, Senior Professional in Human Resources, has broad training in human resources as an organizational psychologist. His work at General Electric, Ford Motor, Westinghouse, and other smaller organizations has given him considerable experience in human resources issues within businesses and government agencies. He also has experience as a manager in a union setting. His special interests relate to equal employment opportunity and strategic human resource management.

Sarah Dove, M.I.M.

Sarah Dove has worked in human resource management offices in the food and agribusiness industries in America and the hi-tech industry of Japan. She specializes in training in the areas of cross-cultural communication and managing workplace cultural diversity. Currently, she consults in the field and teaches in the School of Business and Economics at SSU.

Elizabeth Thach, Ph.D.

Elizabeth Thach is a management professor specializing in Human Resource Development, Organizational Behavior, Wine Business Strategies, and International Business. She has more than 12 years of corporate experience in management and has held executive positions with Compaq, Amoco, Texas Instruments, and AT&T Broadband. She has worked in more than 15 countries and has taught thousands of employees worldwide.