Frequently Asked Questions

How does this certificate program relate to employment in the human resource profession?

This program is designed for people working in the field who desire a comprehensive review and update of information to remain current in the field, as well as for those interested in moving into the field from other occupations. The course also benefits small business owners and managers looking for current, specialized knowledge.

How does the program prepare me to move up in my profession if I am already a human resource manager?

The course covers topics included in the exam given by the Human Resource Certification Institute, a nationally recognized professional organization. Successful completion of the exam results in national certification from the Institute. The exam itself is not part of the certificate program.

Do I need to make formal application to the program?

No application is necessary; just register before the semester begins. The program fills quickly, so early registration is advised.

Who teaches in the program?

Faculty are drawn from practicing human resource professionals from the community, as well as faculty from the SSU Business Administration Department. Each program topic is taught by an individual with expertise in that specific area, providing the most current information in the field.

How do I obtain my certificate?

At the end of the semester, after it has been confirmed that you attended all 12 of the sessions, the School of Extended Education sends you your certificate of completion.

How long does it take to complete the program?

The program is completed after one semester, during which you attend one evening session per week for 12 weeks.