Frequently Asked Questions

How are we addressing the delay at the BRN with verification to get an IP or take the NCLEX?
After speaking with the BRN they hope to have the problem recitifed by that time.

Who is considered for the program?
Both BSN and ADN graduates form SSU, SRJC, Mendocino CC, Marin CC, Napa CC, and Solano CC who have graduated in 2013 or 2014.

Will I be guaranteed my first or second choice of practice area?
We do our best to meet these requests.

Are all units available?
No, but many.

What if I want to apply at both a Sutter and a St Joseph's facility?
Complete two applications and submit both. Each facility director will contact you.

What if I want to apply to only one facility either Sutter or St Joseph's?
Complete the application for that facility.

What are the hours and days I will be working routinely?
You will have didactic class on Fridays but will work the shifts that you and your assigned preceptor coordinate.

What are the classroom and orientation dates?
These are listed on the website.

What if I have to miss a shift or didactic class?
If you have a planned event please notify your agency during your interview. Some, but not all, arrangements may be made.

What will I receive when I complete the program?
A certificate of completion including 280 CEU hours for the BRN and license renewal

What if I cannot complete the entire program?
You will not receive the certificate.

May I schedule more than the required hours?
No, SSU is contracting for 280 hours

For other questions please ask at the time of your interview with your respective clinical residency site. Thank you.