Merith Weisman, M.A.

Merith Weisman is the Community Engagement & Social Media coordinator for Sonoma State University. Merith's academic background is in applied cultural anthropology, and she lives on a boat in San Rafael.

John Kenyon

John Kenyon is a technology educator and strategist who's worked with organizations for over 20 years providing advice, teaching seminars and writing articles. He is an adjunct professor at the University of San Francisco and has been a featured speaker across the US, England, Australia and online.

Kerry Rego

Kerry Rego is a social media trainer, technology consultant, author, and speaker. Ms. Rego is the County of Sonoma social media staff trainer, a North Bay Business Journal columnist, and a Vistage speaker.

Pamela Van Halsema

Pamela Van Halsema is an information professional with a specific focus on communications technologies, community building and education. She works as the Dean's Coordinator and Strategist in the School of Education at Sonoma State University, and holds a Master of Library Information Science Degree from San Jose State University. She is active in the local community and volunteers with local schools and organizations to develop and implement communications strategies to further their organizational mission and achieve their goals.

Emily Acosta Lewis, Ph.D.

Emily Acosta Lewis is an assistant professor of Communication Studies. She received her Ph.D. in Communication Arts and M.A. in Journalism and Mass Communication from University of Wisconsin-Madison and her B.A. in Communications (Public Relations) from San Diego State University. She has taught courses in public relations, new media, and mass communication.