Holly Hansen

Owner Holly Hansen Public Relations

Our class is challenging and rewarding. It was a big commitment to enroll, but I'm so glad that I did. Besides the instructors and coursework, it's great to learn from other students, especially the young'uns.

Corey Neal

Recent college grad seeking a career in the sports or wine industry

I like that our course has so much great content  with multiple teachers and different viewpoints.

John Cain

Associate Director of Marketing and Communications

You dread the 3 1/2 hour class in the morning and then when you're here you don't want it to end. The subject matter and teaching styles make time fly.

Barbie Penn, MBA

Interim Program Coordinator at Mills College TRIO Programs

After the first night of our class I knew I made the right choice.

Danica Spero

Event Consultant, Big 4 Party, Inc.

SSU course such a great deal when you compare time and price!

Kristie Anderson Oldaker

Social Media | Nonprofit

We have the BEST instructors:) Lucky us!

Lori Brendlinger

Administrative Assistant at Summit Engineering

Great information. I am glad we are in this program!

Maggie Harryman

Copywriter at Maggie Harryman Copywriting

The class is a cross section of age, career and gender, which makes comments and questions all the more interesting...The class just paid for itself.  It is an outstanding class with stellar instruction.