Financial Aid

To receive financial aid, you must complete and sign an Authorization to Apply Financial Aid to Other Charges form and the Fee Voucher Promissory Note and return them both to the Registrar in Extended Education, Stevenson 1012.

Spanish MA program students are eligible for the federal student loan programs as long as they complete the application process and are enrolled in at least 4 units each term for which they seek a loan disbursement. If students are considering financial aid, the pattern will be: Summer; Fall/Spring/Summer; Fall/Spring/Summer. For example, summer is the "trailer" to the financial aid award year, so students will apply for financial aid for three different award years. Students who begin the program in Summer 2014 will need to complete the current FAFSA for the 13-14 award year. They will also need to do the 14-15 FAFSA when it's available (January 1, 2014.) They will end their financial aid process with the 14-15 FAFSA (January 1, 2015.)

During the academic year, students will also need at least 4 units at SSU each semester in order to be eligible for a student loan. Students who take their academic year coursework somewhere other than SSU will not be eligible for a student loan during those terms, unless they are enrolled in at least 4 units at SSU at the same time. Because the amount that a master's student can borrow is much higher than tuition costs, students should be able to set aside sufficient funds from their student loan disbursements to cover their costs out-of-pocket at another institution in Fall and/or Spring.