Health and Housing Information


Health Insurance

Medical care in the U.S. is very expensive! International students are required to show proof of full coverage health insurance to cover major medical expenses. SSALI requires that you purchase the health insurance policy, designed for CSU students, which is available through a direct arrangement between the student and the private insurance company before registering for classes. SSALI staff will be available to assist you with this purchase. A detailed description of this Medical Insurance Plan is available upon request by email.

The mandatory SSU Health Center Services fee ($165 per semester) provides SSALI students with convenient on-campus care for less major medical problems. It is available during the Fall and Spring semesters only.



There are a variety of attractive housing options. The most popular one is the homestay option. In a homestay, the student pays $700 each month and receives 16 meals each week, a private bedroom, and full use of the laundry facilities.

The student can also choose our "room only" option. With this option, the student pays $550 each month and must buy and cook his/her own food. All homestays are within a 30-minute bicycle ride of campus.

For on-campus housing, submit your request early, several months in advance, if possible. For more information see You can also take a virtual tour of on-campus housing.

For off-campus housing, you can find listings and roommates at:

CORT provides furniture rental packages and Housing Information

International Student Placements