The Wine Business Management Certificate is a formal recognition of your accomplishment and commitment to wine business education. An optional certification exam may be taken at the successful completion of the advanced level.

The Wine Business Management Certificate is awarded after completing all three levels and passing the certification exam. Participants may elect to complete the online levels for professional development and not take the certification exam. Documentation of course completion will be provided.

Wine Business MBA

The two-year industry experience requirement will be waived for those seeking admission to Sonoma State University's accredited MBA in Wine Business with the completion of the Advanced Certificate. Basic admission requirements include a bachelor's degree from an accredited institution with passing GPA, a GMAT score that meets Sonoma State University admissions standards, and at least two years of experience in the wine industry.

Customized Certification Classes

Any level of the certification can be customized and delivered in a face‐to‐face format for private companies or associations. For more information on scheduling customized certification training for your business, please contact the Wine Business Institute at +1.707.664.3347 or by email at winebiz@sonoma.edu.