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Comments and Response to Comments

**Important Note** Comments regarding the proposed Master Plan Revision are being submitted both via the Master Plan Revision Website and at the Workshops being held on campus. Comments received to date are summarized here. Where it is possible to provide an explanatory or factual response at this time, those responses are included here, as well. In other cases, the comment is not susceptible to such a response at this time. Then, the comment is recorded here and will become part of ongoing discussion about the Master Plan Revision proposal.

Note, also, that some comments raise issues that will be addressed as the Master Plan is implemented, rather than affecting the Master Plan Revision proposal itself. Those comments are identified as such. In some cases, implementation may take place in the immediate future; in other cases, implementation would occur at a substantially later time.

In some cases, comments have been provided here exactly as they were received. In other instances, comments have been paraphrased or combined in the interest of being brief.

Feel free to provide your own responses to any "comment" presented here, and to any "response."

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