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Additional New Housing

Growth projections and the lack of available student housing in the surrounding communities evidence the need to build an additional housing complex on campus in addition to Sauvignon Village. (Sauvignon Village, pictured above, is currently under construction and scheduled for completion by Fall 2000.) Thus, an additional complex is proposed as a component of the Master Plan Revision, to house 400 students and to be constructed in 2001/2002. The proposed site is what is now Parking Lot D. A graphic showing this additional housing complex is being developed; it is not represented on the proposed Master Plan Revision graphics at this time. It is anticipated that the additional housing complex will be predominately composed of studio apartments, with a similar architectural style to Sauvignon Village.


Issue 6: Create strong pedestrian connections between existing and new student housing and the central campus core

Proposed design responses:

  • Limit traffic in the student housing areas
  • Make the western roadways separating housing from the central campus core pedestrian oriented
  • Reduce width of roadways and provide a turnaround for general traffic at entry plaza to Sauvignon Village. Provide only restricted parking beyond this point.
  • Provide clear pedestrian pathways to the central campus core

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