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Music Center

Project Description:
Music performance and teaching facility. Facility includes 1,400-seat concert hall with opening to lawn area and choral & chamber music performance space seating 300 people. The lawn area will seat 3,000 people with a clear view into the concert hall and up to 7,000 additional people served by video monitors and an extended outdoor sound system.

Purpose and Major Facility Functions:
Concert Hall, Recital Hall, public event spaces, performance support areas, and office support spaces

Assignable Square Footage:
61,000 to 97,000 gross square feet

Site Description:
Newly acquired campus site north of Copeland Creek on the corner of Rohnert Park Expressway and Petaluma Hill Road

Site Area:
Approximately 55 acres

Proposed Cost:
41 Million dollars

Proposed Completion Date:
2002 / 2003


Issue 1: Ensure that the Music Center is served by pedestrian and bicycle connections to the rest of the campus.

Proposed design responses:

  • Pedestrian/bicycle bridges lead from parking lot adjacent to the Music Center (north of Copeland Creek) to central campus (south of Copeland Creek).
  • Main bridge across Copeland Creek will have sidewalk to provide bicycle and pedestrian access.
  • Bike paths follow Copeland Creek from Music Center to student housing.
  • Location of Music Center does not break continuity of proposed bicycle circulation route along Copeland Creek.

Issue 2: Establish an appropriate relationship between the "agricultural zones" adjacent to the Music Center and the rest of campus.

Proposed design responses:

  • Access to the agricultural zones and operations within them will not intrude on campus circulation.

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