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Pedestrian Circulation

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The proposed Master Plan Revision includes revisions to the Master Plan's pedestrian circulation component. This component of the Master Plan is critical to the daily experiences of the campus community, as well as visitors.

Issue 7: Create an easily understandable pedestrian circulation system, linking the precincts of campus

Proposed design responses:

  • Provide easily understandable primary circulation paths connected by major circulation/landscape nodes, making key campus destinations clearly accessible
  • Reinforce these gathering spaces along the primary north-south pedestrian route through campus: the new University Center Plaza, the Darwin/Stevenson quad, the "crossroads" at the south of the existing Student Union, and the northern terminus at the Art Gallery
  • Add new secondary paths to existing ones in order to reinforce the campus grid and quadrangles
  • Provide less formal asphalt paths that follow popular pathways offering the shortest practical distance between campus destinations

Issue 8: Create effective pedestrian access to Information Center

Proposed design responses:

  • Reinforce clear pedestrian circulation paths from student housing to information center
  • Minimize auto traffic to the Information Center
  • Combine delivery drives to the Information Center and University Center to minimize intrusion of delivery vehicles

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