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Parking and Vehicular Circulation

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The proposed Master Plan Revision includes changes to the Master Plan's vehicular circulation component. This element of the Master Plan is important to the experiences of both the campus community and visitors. It requires considering both efficiency and convenience for vehicular traffic and promoting a pedestrian orientation for the campus.

Parking is a source of controversy on virtually all university campuses. The proposed Master Plan has substantial consequences for the provision of parking on the SSU campus

Issue 9: Ensure that new North Entry is appropriately integrated into campus

Proposed design responses:

  • Continue row of trees on North Entry road into central campus
  • Site new classroom/laboratory/office buildings along continuation of North Entry road to reinforce academic image of campus
  • Pay careful attention to design of future physical education facilities, to ensure that their design will support the continuation of North Entry Road.

Issue 10: Locate parking to support goals of safety, convenience, and supporting pedestrian orientation.

Proposed design responses:

  • Create a major parking lot adjacent to the Music Center. This new "North Lot" would decentralize parking and ease traffic congestion at peak hours. It will provide especially good access to northern portions of campus and commencement lawn, and will be as close to the central campus core as parking lots on the south side of campus.
  • Eliminate most parking from the central campus core, supporting central campus core as a pedestrian-oriented area.
  • Reduce width of roadways and provide a turnaround for general traffic at entry plaza to Sauvignon Village. Provide only restricted parking beyond this point.
  • Move secondary athletic field to new location south of Redwood Circle, to serve both secondary field and stadium.

Issue 11: Facilitate "shared use" of parking facilities, to increase efficiency and promote convenience.

Proposed design responses:

  • Design the new "North Lot" to reflect opportunities for shared use between Music Center activities and other campus activities that typically occur at different times.

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