Finance Home

November 12, 2013


To:                         Campus Departments

From:                    Letitia Coate, AVP Administration & Finance/Controller

Subject:                Welcome Back

It's November and we're already well into the 2013-14 fiscal year.   We are rapidly approaching the end of the fall semester and the Holiday’s will be here soon.  As many of you know, I will be retiring in January 2014.  Due to my retirement, Financial Services is embarking on a reorganization review and more to come.  As you know, the books were closed on time and all our financial audits have been completed and filed.  We cannot do this work without your help, so let us say thanks!

It is true that policies, processes and rules seem to change on a regular basis.  New policies are issued from the Chancellor’s Office, as well as, our own policy changes.  We know it is hard to stay current with the changes.  We are looking for ways to improve this information exchange.

One step is the creation of a link on our website called “What’s New”.  Today you will find several important communications posted here:

“Purchasing:  Method Guidelines”
Revised Hospitality Policy
Updated 204 Form
Holiday Disbursement Schedule

We hope you will contact us regarding your questions and ideas for areas that you would like more information.