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Wireless Device Policy Information

Wireless Device for Business Use
A copy of the SSU Wireless Device Policy.

Request for Wireless Device Expense Allowance
Form to submit request for expense allowance for wireless device/plan.

Accounts Payable

Directions for AP/PO General Inquiry

204 Form
Required form for all vendors before payment may be processed.

Direct Deposit Form for University Employee Reimbursements
Form required to establish direct deposit of University employee reimbursements (Business expenses or travel expenses)

Direct Pay Form
Excel template for submitting Direct Payment Requests for University and Auxiliaries.

Employee Business Expense Advance Request
Request an advance for non-travel business expenses for University and Auxiliaries.

Employee Business Expense Reimbursement
Request reimbursement for non-travel business expenses for University and Auxiliaries.

Foreign National Data Collection Form
Used to collect required information for individuals receiving payments who are not U. S. Citizens or permanent resident aliens.

Hospitality Expense Pre-Approval
Request expense approval for a hospitality event for University and Auxiliaries.

Independent Contractor/Consultant Travel Reimbursement Invoice
Request travel reimbursement for an Independent Contractor/Consultant (Non-Employee).

Accounts Receivable

Billing Request
Request to send invoice to individual or business for services received from University and Auxiliaries.

ACH/Wire Transfer Notification
Notification form used for ACH and Wire Transfers

New Item Type Setup Business Process
Process for adding a new item type or changing an existing item type

Item type request form
Used to request a new item type or change an existing item type

SSU Deposit Transmittal
Deposit form used for University and Auxiliaries. *Updated 8-6-2009

SSU Invoice Transmittal
University and Auxillary transmittal form used only for payments on SSU invoices.*Updated 8-6-2009


Journal Reclass BUDGET
Excel template used to submit a journal reclass for BUDGET ONLY.

Labor Cost Distribution Change
To change the distribution of labor cost for an existing appointment.

Cash Handling

Cash Handling Procedures
Procedures for accepting cash, providing physical security of cash and ensuring appropriate segregation of duties.

Request to Establish Cash Collection Point
Used to annually request approval to collect payments on behalf of the University or Auxiliaries

Cash Handling Questionnaire
Used to annually ensure department is in compliance with cash handling policies

Cash Handling Segregation of Duties Matrix
Used to ensure department has appropriate controls in place over cash handling duties

Cash Receipts Mail Log
Used to log incoming cash receipts via mail

Safe Combination Coordinator Appointment
Establishes the individual who has primary responsibility for maintaining access to a department safe

Safe Combination Access Listing
Used to document when a safe combination was changed and who the safe combination has been provided to

General Ledger

9.0 Basics
Basic Look-Up Tutorials and Navigation

ChartField Request
Request a ChartField addition, change or inactivation for University and Auxiliaries.

Foundation Trust Application
Application for a new Foundation Endowment fund or change to an existing one.

Journal Reclass Directions
Helpful Directions for using the new Journal Reclass and Budget Journal Reclass Forms.

Journal Reclass
Excel template used to submit a journal reclass to General Accounting for University and Auxiliaries.

University Course Fee Agreement - FAC Approval Needed
Agreement for Establishment or continuation of a Fee Based Univeristy Trust Fund (Course Fee) SOCMP ONLY.

University Trust
Agreement for establishment or continuation of a University Trust Fund (IRA and/or Other Trust) SOCMP ONLY.

Finance Reporting

CFS Data Warehouse Activity Guide
For additional training guides and videos visit , login and scroll to “11g Training".

Petty Cash and Change Funds

Petty Cash and Change Fund Procedures

Request to Establish or Increase a Cash Change Fund

Request to Decrease or Termination of a Petty Cash or Change Fund Account

Change of Fund Custodian


E-Requisition (E-Req)
Requisition to order goods and/or services from Purchasing for University and Auxiliaries. Sponsored Projects worksheet applicable to Sponsored Projects service contracts.

Delegation of Expenditure Authority Form
2011/12 Form that allow individual(s) authorization to submit transactions and documents related to expenditure activity.

Fee for Service workbook

Fee for Service workbook should be completed when the University is providing a service and receiving payment for that service.

PeopleSoft ProCard Reconciliation Training
ProCard Powerpoint training document.

ProCard Step By Step Documentation
ProCard CFS documentation which explains the ProCard Adjustment page.

University ProCard Handbook
Procurement Card (ProCard) handbook for cardholders and approving officials.

Auxiliary ProCard Handbook
Procurement Card (ProCard) handbook for auxiliary unit cardholders and approving officials.

ProCard Participation Form
Sonoma State University ProCard Participant Request Form.

Directions for AP/PO General Inquiry

Direct Pay Procedures
Instructions on how to set up direct pay

Sole Source/Sole Brand Justification
This form is utilized by depts to justify a sole source (or brand) vendor for procuring goods or services in lieu of formal bidding (valued at or exceeding $50K).

Property Management

Please visit the Property Management page for policies related to Property Management as well as current Property Managers and Custodians

Equipment Loan Agreement Form
Used to document any loan of equipment to an external organization, individual, or employee where the equipment is taken off the campus.

Property Survey Request Form
Request to survey University inventoried property. Includes requests for disposal, sale, trade-in, donation, or salvaged-for-parts.

Interdepartmental Transfer Notification Form
Used to document the transfer of inventoried property between departments.

Equipment Loss Report
Used to document any lost, stolen, or destroyed inventoried property.

Property Manager/Property Custodian Change Form
Used to document any changes in the Property Managers or Property Custodians.

Sealed Bid Property Guidelines
Provides the requirements and steps to follow for selling surplus property.

Sealed Bid Property Checklist
Documents the steps to follow in selling surplus property in a checklist format.

Sealed Bid Due Diligence Form
Used to document the list of prospective bidders contacted in the sale of surplus property.

Sale of Surplus Property Delivery Receipt
Used to document the receipt of the surplus equipment sold to a bidder.

Laptop Permit Form
This form is required for every laptop and must be filed with department Property Custodian.

Foundation Accounting

Donor Intent Form
To document donor intent for donations deposited into the Foundation.

Cash Policy
SSU's Academic Foundation handling and processing of donations policy.

Fundraising and Gifts

Fundraising Event Administrations Policy and Procedures
Document describing the policies and procedures for fundraising events.

Fundraising Event Request Form
Submit this form to University Development at least 4 weeks prior to any fundraising activities.

Gift Acceptance Policy
Gift acceptance policy.

Donor Intent Form
To document donor intent for donations deposited into the University.