Lab Director

Dr. Michelle Goman

My research focuses upon reconstructing and understanding Quaternary, particularly Holocene, environmental change. I find the Holocene a particularly fascinating period, as for the first time in earth's history humans begin to cause profound environmental change. My principal research tools are pollen, testate amoebae and macro-fossil analysis of sediment cores retrieved from lakes and marshes. I also study the modern ecology and geomorphic processes of coastal and lacustrine systems, in order to improve interpretation of paleoenvironmental data.



Victor Salazar Chávez (B.A. Universidad Autónoma de San Luis Potosí, San Luis Potosí, México)


Current Student Researchers

Daniel Vieira (Geography and Geology Double Major in progress)

Grace Lock (Geography in progress)

SQUAL Alumni

Nicholas Darst (Environmental Science Major BA 2013: currently working at Janssen Supply Company)

Jeremy Sullivan (Hutchinson Major BA 2013)

Carissa Green (Global Studies Major BA 2012)

Kirsten Helgeson (Geography/Environmental Studies UCLA BA 2009)- attending grad school at University of Hawaii.

Ashley Steward (Hutchinson Major BA 2012)- attending grad school at UC Berkeley