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Fall 2014 History Classes!

Non-majors and lower-division students are welcome but should be prepared for a substantial amount of reading and writing. Background in the subject is not required.
(See the SSU catalog for descriptions of other History courses offered.)

History 371.2:
The Atlantic World 1500-1914

Professor Noonan
TTh 10-11:50 am
History 371.2 Details


History 496: History Journal
Professor Kittelstrom - M 12:00-1:50 pm
History 496 Details





History 498.2: History & Cinema in East Asia
Professor Dodgen - Th 1-4:40 pm
History 498.2 Details




Need to Meet the Non-US/Non-Europe History Requirement?

The following History courses being offered in Fall 2014 will meet the non-U.S./non-Europe requirement for the history major:

HIST 335: Early China to 1500 TTh 10-11:50 am
HIST 339: Ancient & Colonial Latin America
T Th 1-2:50 pm
HIST 376: History of the Black Sea T 8-11:40 am
HIST 449: Gender & Sexuality in Latin America
TTh 3-4:50 pm

The Department of History at Sonoma State University offers courses in US, European, Asian, and Latin American history in addition to courses with regional and thematic approaches. The department offers a B.A. and M.A. in history and a minor in history. After completing their degrees in history, undergraduates enter careers in a variety of fields including law, government, teaching, journalism, business, academia, and the non-profit sector. Graduate students pursue careers in education, museum curatorship, librarianship with some continuing their historical studies on the PhD level.

We welcome inquiries about our undergraduate and graduate programs, and we appreciate your interest in the study of history at Sonoma State.

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