Living Options for First Time Freshman

The majority of our first time freshmen (FTF) live in suite type arrangements. We also do have a number of apartments with full kitchens for our first time freshmen. Students will be able to choose from a variety of living areas and room types offered within that area. Descriptions of the living areas and room types are provided below.

Options Note

Even though we have different floor plans in the suites, students can only select a single or double occupancy bedroom and not how many live in the suite.

Living Areas

Students can choose from a variety of living areas. Sometimes the living area is particular to a type of accommodation. For instance, the Freshman Interest Group (FIG) program resides in the Cabernet Village (pdf) which has double occupancy bedrooms in apartments. If accepted into the FIG program, the student would be assigned to a Cabernet double occupancy bedroom. Our other areas are not as specific. Our themed buildings are located in the residential suites only and placement is determined by demand.


Freshman Interest Groups (FIGs) offer a unique living and learning environment. Nine different academic themes offer students the opportunity of living with peers with similar academic interests and taking core classes together. Out of class activities and assistance, like study groups and field trips, build on the strong in-class relationships. Within the FIG living area, there is the option of a Substance Free Living environment. Join FIG and experience increased peer, residential staff and faculty support, the hallmark of FIG.

Freshman Year Experience (FYE) is a unique environment offering students in the year-long University 150A/B “Identity and Global Challenge,” the opportunity of living together, fostering extensive interaction among fellow students, faculty, residential staff and peer leaders. Out of class activities might include faculty dinners, field trips, FYE-based study groups, movie nights. A Faculty in Residence offers the most unique opportunity for student-faculty interaction. Students live in Sauvignon Village in the Grenache Building

MOSAIC (Making Our Space for an Inclusive Community) is a new community intentionally focused on appreciating the diversity in perspectives and life experiences of its residents. If you are a new freshman interested in living and learning in a multicultural community, then this will be the place you will want to live. Residents will enroll in at least two classes together in fall and spring semester that will explore the numerous aspects of diversity and social justice including race and ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, social status, religion, and abilities. Students will engage in service learning activities and field trips. Mixed-gender housing and gender-neutral options are available within the MOSAIC living community.


By joining Sauvignon Cooperative (Co-op) program was designed to foster within each resident a sense of pride, investment, and a desire to contribute positively within their living environment. Students choosing to live in the Sauvignon CommUNITY will be required to participate as a member of one of six Co-op Teams. The residents of the Sauvignon CommUNITY, with the assistnace of the Co-op Team Leaders, will help to create, plan, and implement programs for their building community. These programs will be focused on their Co-op Team Area. Sauvignon CommUNITY residents will have the unique opportunity to interact and work closely with Co-op Team Leaders and Community Services Advisors (CSAs). The four Co-op Team Areas are: Academic Success;Life Skills; Mind, Body, and Spirit; and Sustainability. Click here for descriptions and requirements of the Co-op Teams.

Located in Zinfandel Village (pdf) the Healthy Living Community offers students interested in exercise, intramural sports, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle the opportunity to live with other students who share those interests. The students in this unit work closely with the Walk Jog Run Club and the Campus Recreation Center to plan activities and events. Students in past years have participated in several intramural teams, attended programs on healthy eating, and participated in a half-marathon training program.

The Adventure Living Community is designed for students interested in exploring the Bay Area and beyond. Specifically, students are able to plan adventure type programs with their Community Service Advisor that interest them. In past years students have planned activities such as rock climbing, ice skating, skiing, trips to San Francisco and much, much more.

The Seawolf Experience living areas of Zinfandel (pdf) and Verdot (pdf) Villages mean that this living area has no pre-determined themes or commitments. Each resident decides for themselves what University and Residential Community programs and events they would like to attend and get involved in.

Substance Free Living Area

Substance Free living is offered within in the FIG, FYE, and Sauvignon Cooperative (Co-op) program(as the Mind, Body, Spirit Co-op team)areas. This provides students with an academic and Residential Community atmosphere free of illegal drugs, alcohol and tobacco products. Students living in this area have a desire to pursue their studies at the University in an environment that is most conducive for a living learning experience.

Suite and Room Types

Double Suite

The Double Suite consists of two double occupancy bedrooms with a bathroom and living room. The vanity and sink, toilet room and shower are all separate. Each space includes a bed, dresser, desk, closet, and desk chair. The living room is furnished with one sofa, one lounge chair, coffee table, end table, and a 2.9 cubic foot refrigerator/freezer. Double suites could also have layouts with of 4 or 5 bedrooms.

Single Suite

A single suite consists of two single bedrooms with private entrances sharing a connected bathroom. The single room in the Gravenstein shares a bathroom with four other individuals. The single rooms are furnished with a bed, desk, desk chair, closet, dresser, and refrigerator/freezer combo.

Cabernet Apartments

Each Cabernet apartment has two double occupancy bedrooms, a bathroom, living room, dining room and kitchen. The apartments also have a patio or balcony and large storage closet. These apartments are fully furnished with beds, desks, dressers, chairs, couch, two end tables, coffee table, easy chair, dining room table and four chairs.

Sauvignon Apartments

The Sauvignon apartments have four bedrooms and four baths, offering private bedrooms and baths but give students the opportunity to share a living room and kitchen area with others. This Village will be a mixture of first time freshman, new transfers, and returning residents. Each apartment is fully furnished with sofa, two chairs, tables, dining room, table and chairs for six, a full kitchen with gas range and oven, dishwasher, garbage disposal, refrigerator, and microwave oven. Bedrooms are each furnished with one or two beds, desk, chair, bookcase, and dresser. The apartments also have a covered balcony or patio, bookcase and/or nightstand, and dresser. Single rooms have both bookcase and nightstand.