2015-2016 Rate Schedule for Academic Year Licenses

Accommodations with Meal Plans (Note)

Academic Year
Item Residential Suite Double Residential Suite Single Cabernet Triple Cabernet Double Sauvignon Double Sauvignon Single
Year Rate $11,280 $13,222 $9,886 $12,076 $12,746 $14,688


Accommodations Without Meal Plans

Academic Year
Item Sauvignon Double Sauvignon Single Tuscany Double Tuscany Single Beaujolais Single
Year Rate $7,748 $9,960 $7,748 $9,690 $9,690


All first year college students are required to be on a meal plan for their entire first year at SSU. "First year college students" includes students who have recently graduated from high school and are enrolling at SSU for the first time. Some students, while in high school, enroll in community college classes and/or earn college credits through advanced placement courses. These students are still required to participate in the meal plan for their entire first year at SSU. This first year meal requirement applies whether students are living in suites (without kitchens) or in apartments which do have kitchens. The reason for the requirement is that, along with providing nutritional food choices, meal plan participation provides daily contact and interaction with a variety of other students and staff members. We have found that this interaction is very helpful in adjusting to and persisting through the challenges of the first year of college.

It is unlikely, but with prior notice rates are subject to change before taking occupancy.