Your First Day

Welcome to Sonoma State University. To make your transition as smooth as possible, this page provides information you will need on your first day.

How can I get ready for my first day?

There are several employment forms that you should fill out online in advance of your first day. If your position is eligible for benefits, you can read about the benefits plans so that you will be ready to make a choice at orientation.

Where should I go on my first day? How do I get there and where can I park?

All employees must come to Employment Services in Ruben Salazar Hall on their first day to sign up as a new employee. You may purchase a daily parking permit from any of the permit machines for $5.00. Some machines accept quarters only, so be prepared! Campus maps include parking lot locations.

What will I need to bring on my first day?

You are required to present the following documents on your first day:

  • Documents that satisfy the requirement for the INS Form I-9.
  • An original, non-laminated Social Security card to satisfy California state payroll requirements.
  • Your new employee paperwork that you filled out online.

When will I get an Employee ID Card?

After you have completed your sign up, please visit Seawolf Services on the first floor of Salazar to receive your Seawolf photo identification card.  This photo ID will serve as your one-card to purchase a parking decal, sign up for e-mail and other computer access, receive library privileges, purchase WolfBucks, and to be eligible for admission to certain events.

When will I get my paycheck?

Pay dates and payroll calendars vary by your type of position. For further clarification, ask your supervisor.

Where can I get more information on my benefits, and when am I eligible?

If your position is eligible for benefits, you will be scheduled for a New Employee Orientation session, which includes a benefits orientation. The effective date of medical coverage is the first day of the month following appointment once have submitted enrollment forms. For more information on CSU specific benefits information, please visit the System wide Benefits Portal.