Employee Recognition

Congratuations to the 2016/2017 Staff Excellence Award Nominees

Casey Kelly, Jenny Baker-DunnSandra Piantanida, Edie Brown, JoAnne Jaggars

Left to Right: Casey Kelly, Jenny Baker-Dunn, Sandra Piantanida, Edie Brown, JoAnne Jaggars.


Left to Right: Dennis Goss, Linnea Mullins, Tracy Navas, Linda Eichorn, Dawnelle Ricciardi, Brooke Tester, Corrina Oates, Kristi Hellman, Rosemarie Calzontzi, Meredith Spires.

Not pictured: Hope Emry Ortiz, Donna Garbesi, Mariana Garcia Martinez, Maria Hernandez, Jill Martin, Katie Sims, Hazel Tyndall, Maria Villa, & Merith Weisman.

Thank you for your outstanding contributions to our campus community!