Excellence Award Nominees FY 2014-2015

It is our pleasure to honor these nominees, as well as all of our staff who make enormous contributions to the University Mission and the mission of higher education:

Gloria Allen, Kinesiology

Gloria Allen

“Gloria single handedly coordinates the department usage of the gymnasium, field house, pool, and fitness center. She was the key person who facilitated the renovation of the Kinesiology Fitness Center and one of her greatest assets is her ability to take initiative to see that projects be completed in a timely manner.” –Steven Winter, Kinesiology

Antoinette Boracchia, Student Health Center

Antoinette Boracchia

“Toni has the gift of interacting with people in a way that’s encompassing, bringing people together. Her enthusiasm draws people in and promotes collaboration. She brings energy, humor, kindness and caring to interactions with colleagues both inside the SHC and on campus. She is a true asset to the SHC, students, and to SSU in general.” –Dr. Georgia G. Schwartz, Health Center

Lisa Brooks, EOP

Lisa Brooks

“Lisa has volunteered to help develop a program to help foster youth successfully pursue an education. Some of our Foster youth have made a connection with Lisa and rely on her for practical assistance in securing priority registration, year-long housing and financial assistance. Lisa has dug deep to provide a level of services to a previously overlooked student population merely because she sees value in it.” –Julie Greathouse, Academic Affairs

Christy Giambastiani, Disability Services for Students

Christy Giambastiani

“Christy has been a tremendous asset to the Disability Services for Students office where she consistently demonstrates performance at a level far above and beyond normal expectations. She demonstrates an exceptional ability to foster collaboration, communication, and cooperation among colleagues and members of the campus community.” –Brent Boyer, Disability Services for Students

Viridiana Ruiz, History

Viridiana Ruiz

“Viri is a valuable member not only to the Political Science Department, but also for the History, Global Studies, Geography, and Anthropology departments. She comes to work every day with a welcoming demeanor and professional attitude. Viri has brought professional competence to the office with her skill set and broad knowledge of university affairs.” –Robert McNamara, Political Science

Kathryn Teixeira, Office of the Dean Education

Kathryn Teixeira

“The range of her skills in organizing and planning is nothing less than impressive; her knowledge of how things work at SSU is exhaustive. Kathryn is an excellent collaborator and is attentive to professionalism in her interactions with everyone in the school, as well as with the students.” -Jennifer Mahdavi, School of Education

Sandra Piantanida, Office of the Dean of Arts & Humanities

(No available picture at this time)

“Sandra has always been a welcoming and kind individual, always willing to go the extra mile for anyone that she comes into communication with. While Sandra works great with the faculty and staff in school, her service to students is even better. Everyone can count on Sandra for assistance and know that they will not be let down.” –Thaine Stearns & Tai Russotti, Office of the Dean Arts and Humanities

Congratulations Nominees!