Excellence Award Recipients

Antoinette Boracchia, Student Health Center

Toni began her career at SSU in 1987 as a Health Education Nurse and most recently has assumed an expanded role, incorporating her skills as an R.N. into the day-to-day operations of the Student Health Center. Toni’s extremely positive outlook on life enables her to light up a room with her smile. In addition to the several different health campaigns she executes, Toni is a co-advisor for the Student Health Advisory Committee, a student group that advocates for the health concerns and needs of students. Toni serves as an excellent mentor and role model in her interaction with the students. One of the many examples of how Toni has demonstrated exceptional ability to foster collaboration was last year when the Student Health Advisory Committee decided to put together their now annual “Stress-Less Event”. Toni adeptly fostered collaboration with not only the Student Health Center, but also other on-campus services and organizations, therefore allowing the event to extend throughout the SSU community. Her knowledge, past experience and enthusiasm guided and inspired the committee to develop a mission and implement a plan. Another example is Toni’s revitalization of our Nutrition Counseling Program. Her willingness to learn new skills and engage students by incorporating health cell phone apps into her nutrition counseling has made the program a success. Through her encouragement to “eat a rainbow of colors” and to take walks around campus, she is a role model of good health.

Kathryn Teixeira, Office of the Dean of Education

Kathryn began her career at SSU in 1995 in the School of Education working with the California Reading and Literature Project. In 2007, she was hired as Administrative Support Coordinator in the School of Education.The range of her skills in organizing and planning is exemplary and her knowledge of how things work at SSU is exhaustive. As department chairs come and go, Kathryn remains the constant. She is the one with the institutional knowledge to keep key programs moving along smoothly. Kathryn is an excellent collaborator, attentive to the smallest of details, and she is professional in all of her interactions. Kathryn works cooperatively with her colleagues and department chairs. She has taken on many new tasks this past year including: taking charge of a slide show for multiple subject program credential ceremony, overseeing, along with the department chair, the system for placing multiple subject candidates into student teaching positions, and orienting and assisting new lecturers and faculty members who are hired. Kathryn provides assistance seamlessly and professionally as well as serves her community by volunteering as a reading tutor for young children through the Schools of Hope program, and also by facilitating monthly food drives.



Lunch with President Dr. Ruben Armiñana, Andrew Rogerson Provost & Vice President, and Tammy Kenber Senior Director of Human Resources.