Conflict of Interest

The Political Reform Act requires that officials and employees, who are designated in an agency’s conflict of interest code, must file a Statement of Economic Interests, Form 700, and disclose certain financial interests. 

If your position has been identified as one that requires disclosure, please open the Form 700 and Instructions  at the Fair Political Practices Commission and complete page 5, the Cover Page.  Information on your position’s disclosure(s) can be found in Attachment A of Coded Memorandum 2009-05.  In addition, a sample Form 700 has been provided to assist you in completing the document. 

Immediately contact the Managing Director of Employment Services, (707) 664-4265,  if you have any questions about any action that you believe may constitute a conflict of interest. 

For more information on complying with the CSU Conflict of Interest regulations, visit the following links on the CSU Conflict of Interest Policies and Programs web site.

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