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New Human Development Coordinator!

Meet our new Human Development Coordinator. Karin Enstam Jaffe.

Human Development (HD) is an interdisciplinary liberal arts program that focuses on human growth and development across the life span, the underlying processes and structures that support that development, and the relationships between the individual and the complex familial, social, and cultural environments in which development is situated.

The Human Development major is designed to provide students with a comprehensive grounding in theoretical approaches to human development across the life span in comparative cross-species, cross-cultural, and multicultural, as well as class and gender perspectives.

A B.A. in Human Development will help prepare students for professional, managerial, service, and educational careers in human development and human services serving infants, children, adolescents, families, and elders. The degree in Human Development will also complement students' preparation for graduate studies in traditional fields such as psychology, sociology, anthropology, or human development.

Programs Offered

The Program of Human Development offers a Bachelor of Arts in Human Development. The Program of Human Development does not offer a Minor or a Masters in Human Development.