Use of Logos and Marks for University-Related Groups

The Sonoma State University seal and logo are symbols of the University and may be used by University departments, centers and institutes according to the following guidelines:

University Seal

University departments, centers and institutes utilize the SSU seal on all letterhead, envelopes and business cards. The SSU seal should not appear in conjunction with any other logo or seal. See other uses of the seal and guidelines for use.

University Logo

Any of the versions of the SSU logo may be used by University departments, centers and institutes. See other uses of the logo and guidelines for use.

Social Media Avatar

The approved Sonoma State University social media avatar can be found at Departments and programs of SSU use this avatar for their social media sites. It may only be used for social media. As further identification of a specific department or program, the name of that group can be listed in the title of the page, such as on the School of Extended & International Education Facebook page.

Sub-Identity Logos (secondary

In support of managing an effective visual identity for Sonoma State University, the University maintains a strong general presumption against the use of sub-identities. While there exists the flexibility to incorporate a sub-identity within the University identity system, for example the application of the 50th anniversary logo, in all instances sub-identities must be submitted to for consideration prior to commissioning any design work. In considering any application for the adoption of a sub-identity the University will consider:

  • Whether there are compelling communication considerations in support of the use of such an identity
  • The nature of the activity which the proposed logo is to represent and the associated size, significance and overall impact of proposed visual identity
  • The degree of compatibility between the proposed sub-identity and the University's visual identity system, for example in the use of colors and design layout
  • The duration of the event or program that would utilize the sub-identity

In all cases, sub-identity logos or marks may not supplant the Sonoma State University logo in prominence.

University-Related Groups' Use of Logos & Marks

NOTE: All websites must use the approved Web templates available via the Web Office at Requests for a non-standard website will be directed to the Web Advisory Committee via the University Affairs Division or the Web Office.


Auxiliaries, (SSU Academic Foundation, Sonoma State Enterprises and the Associated Students), use their own logos with the following descriptor: "An auxiliary organization serving Sonoma State University (or SSU)." Review of materials printed or produced online by auxiliaries is the responsibility of the manager of each auxiliary.

Student Clubs/Organizations

Student clubs and organizations do not use the University logo unless their program or event has primary sponsorship from a University department. The descriptor "A chartered student club of the Associated Students of Sonoma State University (or SSU)" must be noted on printed or online pieces. Review of materials printed or produced online by student groups is the responsibility of the clubs/organization advisor.

Support Groups

Support groups, such as the Seawolf Sports Network and Alumni Association, use their own logo with a sentence describing their function and relationship to the University such as "An operating activity of the Sonoma State University (or SSU)." Review of materials printed or produced online by support groups is the responsibility of their University liaison.