Administrative Software Request (ASR) System

Welcome to the ASR webpage. This is where you can get information on how to use our new request system. This tool is designed to help our PeopleSoft users request support from CMS functional and technical leads. Please contact  with any questions.

Obtaining Access

Obtaining access to the ASR requires that an employee, per CSU Memo coded HR 2005-16, must complete Confidentiality Training and sign a PeopleSoft Access and Compliance form. Information contained in ASR may be of a confidential nature and in order to protect the personal information of our students and staff, this protocol must be followed. Visit the training page for information on how to sign up for Confidentiality Training.

Visit our page regarding the Handling of Confidential Information in ASR .


The following documents used in ASR training. They can also assist you in entering an ASR ticket.

Footprints 8 Changes

Module 1: Introduction to ASR

Module 2: Overview of Ticket Submission

Module 3: Lists, Reports, and Preferences

Module 4: Approving Tickets

Module 5: Technical Analysts' Tasks

Module 6: Technical Approver

Quick Reference

Entering a Ticket