Email & Calendar

All current SSU students, faculty and staff have a Sonoma State email address provided to them by Sonoma State University. The University communicates with you primarily, and for some purposesĀ only through your SSU email account. Check your email regularly for registration, financial aid, library, human resources and course communications, campus news, and more.

Seawolf Email Changes

In order to consolidate email accounts and make an easier interaction between students, faculty and staff, on July 22, 2015 IT migrated all Seawolf Gmail accounts to new email accounts with the email domain, which is the same domain used by all faculty and staff. The new email accounts are hosted on Exchange instead of that are currently hosted by Google Gmail.

What this means for you:

  • All SSU faculty, staff and students have one primary email account that is be used for all official SSU communication, including Moodle
  • Students, faculty and staff can share calendars with each other
  • The old Seawolf Gmail accounts will remain online so that students will be able to access their accounts and migrate email to their new SSU email account
  • You will be able to access your SSU email via multiple platforms, including tablets and smartphones
  • Google Apps are available for all faculty, staff and students. This includes access to Google Drive, Sites, Picasa, and Hangouts. Just like your Seawolf email, you need to migrate Seawolf Google Apps data and documents to your new Sonoma Google Apps account.

Additional information and documentation is available on our Seawolf Google Account FAQ website.

SSU Exchange Email

ExchangeAll current SSU students, faculty and staff have been provided with Exchange email accounts for official SSU communication. Migration to Exchange for students began on July 22, 2015. See above for additional information.

Additional details are available on the Exchange page