Video Production

Video Production Services is responsible for capturing campus lectures and events, as well as editing and performing post production processing, including web streaming. Video Production Services manages the campus video streaming server, as well as the campus video YouTube channel, CSUSonoma. Video Production Services is also responsible for closed-captioning and providing access to video in accessible formats to comply with state and federal regulations. Video Production Services is currently testing equipment that will automate the video capture and processing of classroom lectures across campus.

Video Production Services is also responsible for the design and implementation of audio and video technology in the classrooms, creating a technology classroom standard throughout the campus. The technology classroom design includes web based management, and centralized reporting and management of the A/V components installed in the classroom.

Video Production manages the University's YouTube Channel and Streaming Video server

For further information on services or to arrange an appointment, call (707) 664-3244. Or use the Video Request Form (Seawolf ID).