The application process for campus housing is simple. Once you are admitted to the University or have been accepted into the National Student Exchange program, the University will send you a housing application. The campus housing application starts with the student being admitted to the University and making a down payment. There is no form to send in since most of the process is completed online.

Because it's easy!


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  5. Rates 2014-2015

STEP 1 – Return Housing Down Payment Form
Once you receive the Housing Down Payment form, please complete all sections and either include a check for $400 or fill in the credit card section to pay by credit card. You can return to the address listed on the form. By making the $400 Housing Down Payment, you are making yourself eligible for a housing offer. The deposit is $400 and half is refundable if the student cancels by May 1. All students will pay the $400 regardless of your financial aid situation.

STEP 2 - Receive Offer For Campus Housing
Once the down payment has been received, you will be sent an offer for campus housing. You will then receive an offer agreement with a deadline date. Please follow the email direction for completing the license agreement.


STEP 3 - Selecting Assignment Preferences
Your offer will provide instructions on how to select your assignment preferences. Prior to receiving this offer you can learn about our accommodations by reviewing the choices online.


STEP 4 - Receive Room Assignment Information
Room assignments are made and emailed to students around mid-July


RATES - Academic Year 2014-2015

This covers the Fall and Spring semesters. These rates do not include the break period between the Fall and Spring semsters. These rates do not include a meal plan; however, meal plans can be purchased separately.

Accommodation Rates without Meal Plan (Transfers and Current SSU Students)
  • Sauvignon Apartment - Double Occupancy: $7,440.00
  • Sauvignon Apartment - Single Occupancy: $9,330.00
  • Beaujoalis Apartment - Single Occupancy: $9,330.00
  • Tuscany Apartment - Double Occupancy: $7,440.00
  • Tuscany Apartment - Single Occupancy: $9,330.00