Welcome to the Tutorial Center

Tutorial Center Lab

Services: The Tutorial Center offers peer tutoring to SSU enrolled students for one-on-one or small group assistance in over 60 courses each semester.

  • Fill out a Tutor Request Form and turn it into the receptionist.
  • Look at the subject binders to select a tutor who is available at a time that works for you.
  • Make an appointment with the receptionist.
  • You can also come by for drop-in tutoring without an appointment when these times are on the schedule.

SSU Tutorial Program Procedures

Making Appointments: All SSU students can schedule tutoring appointments with the front desk receptionist in the Tutorial Center. If a student needs to cancel an appointment please call the office before 8:30am the morning of the scheduled appointment. If a student fails to show up or fails to cancel an appointment more than two times, they may loose tutoring privileges.

Working with a Tutor: The tutor's main purpose is to work with students in understanding concepts from their courses. Tutors can work with students to review homework, coursework, and study guides, and prepare for tests. We do not allow tutors to do homework for students.

Hours Allowed Per Week: Students may schedule up to 2 one-hour appointments per week for each subject. If a student needs more time with a tutor, he/she is allowed to schedule an additional appointment, as long as it is approved by the tutor.

Questions: If there are any further questions or concerns please contact our receptionist desk at (707) 664-2429 or stop by the Tutorial Center located in Salazar 1061.