ITDS Bachelor of Arts Special Major:
German Cultural Studies

List of Courses

Note: Students must check with the appropriate departments or programs because courses may not be offered every semester or every year. This list may change; students must consult with their major advisor before enrolling in these courses.

Prerequisites (5 units)
GER 101--First Semester: The Personal World (4; counts for G.E. C3)
GER 101L--Language Laboratory (1; Cr/NC; counts as a "Supporting Course")

Core Courses (27 units)
GER 102--Second Semester: Contemporary Germany (4; G.E. C3)
GER 200--Intermediate German: The German-Speaking World Today (4; G.E. C3)
GER 210--Intermediate German through Film (4; G.E. C3)
GER 314--Literature of the German-Speaking World (4; G.E. C2)
GER 315--German Language and Literature (1)
GER 300--Advanced German Cultural Studies (4; G.E. C3)
GER 395--German Culture/Language Experience
(Community Involvement Project in the USA or abroad; 2; Cr/NC)
ITDS 499/GER 495--Senior Project (4)
--> Total of 27 units for "Core Courses"

Supporting Courses (19-20 units)
GER 101L (1; Cr/NC)--concurrent with GER 101
GER 102L (1; Cr/NC)--concurrent with GER 102
GER 200L (1; Cr/NC)--concurrent with GER 200
GER 210L (1; Cr/NC)--concurrent with GER 210
HIST 415--Eastern Europe, 1815-1918 (4)
or: HIST 416--Eastern Europe: 1918-1989 (4)
or: HIST 418--Fall of European Communism (4)
POLS 350--European Parliamentary Democracies (4)
POLS 307--Perspectives on the Holocaust and Genocide (4; G.E. D5)
ARTH 464--History of Modern Art: 20th Century (3-4; G.E. C1)
--> Total of 19-20 units for "Supporting Courses"

Electives (23-24 units required)
Students select courses from this list:
ANTH 200--Introduction to Linguistic Anthropology (3; G.E. D5)
This is a prerequisite course for ANTH 380 (Language, Culture, and Society),
ANTH 382--(Language Change), and ANTH 480 (Studies of Language Use)
ANTH 203--Introduction to Cultural Anthropology (3; G.E. D1)
ANTH 480--Studies of Language Use (4)
Prerequisite: ANTH 200, ANTH 203, or instructor's consent
ANTH 382--Language Change (4)
Prerequisite: ANTH 200, ANTH 203, or instructor's consent
ANTH 380--Language, Culture and Society (4)
Prerequisite: ANTH 200, ANTH 203, or instructor's consent
ARTH 466--Contemporary Art (3-4)
No prerequisite required, but ARTH 211 recommended (Intro to Art History, 3-4, G.E. C1)
BUS 391--Cross-cultural Communication and Negotiation (4)
BUS 393--Introduction to International Business (4)
COMS 321--International Communication (4)
ECON 204--Introduction to Macroeconomics (4; G.E. D5)
ECON 303--International Economics (4)
Prerequisite for non-Economics majors: ECON 204--Introduction to Macroeconomics (4; G.E. D5); for double majors: ECON 204 and ECON 205 (4; G.E. D1)
ENG 341--Explorations in Language (4)
                The following courses are required for the track in German Language Pedagogy
                 (plus ENG 341), coupled with a minor in Linguistics:
ENG 343--Youth and Literature (4)
ENG 379--Structure of English: Pedagogical Grammar (4)
ENG 491--Seminar in Teaching Composition (4)
ENG 492--Reading and Responding to Literature (4)
GEOG 320--Geopolitics (4)
HIST 202--Development of the Modern World (3; G.E. D2)
HIST 380--Twentieth-Century World (3; G.E. D2)
HIST 401--The Roman Empire (4)
HIST 406--The Crusades (4)
HIST 408--The Early Middle Ages (4)
HIST 409--The High Middle Ages (4)
HIST 410--Early Modern Europe: 1350-1789 (4)
HIST 412--Europe since 1914 (4)
MUS 250--Survey of European Music (3; G.E. C1)
MUS 251--History of Western Music: Ancient World to 1750 (3)
Prerequisite: MUS 110, or instructor's consent
MUS 252--History of Western Music: 1750 - Present (3)
Prerequisite: MUS 210, or instructor's consent
MUS 310--Theory III: Form and Analysis (3)
Concurrent requirement: MUS 320
Prerequisites: MUS 105 (counts for G.E. C1), MUS 120, MUS 220, or equivalent.
MUS 316--Diction: French and German (1-2)
MUS 325--SSU Chorus (1-2)
Prerequisite: consent of instructor
MUS 410--Theory IV: 20th Century Techniques (3)
Prerequisite: MUS 210, MUS 220, MUS 150 and MUS 250,
or instructor's consent
MUS 343--Studies in Musical Genres (3; G.E. C1)
Prerequisites: MUS 101, MUS 201, or instructor's consent
Only counts for German Cultural Studies major if German-speaking composers are taught
MUS 344--Studies-Specific Composers (3; G.E. C1)
Prerequisite: MUS 101, MUS 201, or consent of instructor
Only counts for German Cultural Studies major if German-speaking composers are taught
PHIL 207--Philosophical Movements (4)*
PHIL 303--Social and Political Philosophy (4)*
PHIL 307--Philosophical Figures (4)*
SOCI 375--Sociological Theory (4; G.E. D1)
THAR 203--Introduction to the History of Drama and Dance: 1800 to Present (4; G.E. C1)
THAR 320A--Intermediate Acting Block (5)
Prerequisite: THAR 120A or B, THAR 220A, THAR 220B, THAR 145A, and
THAR 145B, and consent of instructor.
THAR 371B--History of Dance B (3)
Prerequisite: THAR 371A, or instructor's consent
THAR 420A--Advanced Acting Block (2-5)
Prerequisite: THAR 300, THAR 320A and B, and consent of instructor.
THAR 320 and THAR 420 are taught concurrently.
--> Total of 23-24 units for "Supporting Courses"

* Note about Philosophy Courses: Students must check with the Department of Philosophy or the faculty member teaching the course on a semester-by-semester basis to inquire if the course offered in that particular semester includes sufficient "German" content.


Additional Requirements & Information for the Special Major in German Cultural Studies:
-- All German Cultural Studies majors must pass the "Goethe-Zertifikat B1"-Proficiency Examination, the internationally recognized language certificate offered annually at SSU under the auspices of the Goethe Institute.
-- All German Cultural Studies majors must complete an internship or work as a volunteer as part of the Community Involvement Project (CIP) through GER 395 (German language/culture experience in the USA or abroad; 2 units; Cr/NC):
Students choose where they wish to gain this experience that may take the form of an internship with a German business here or abroad, or volunteer work (i.e. tutoring German on or off campus; teaching mini-lessons of German at a school or in a home for elderly people). Students may also apply for summer internships, offered through International Cooperative Education (ICE) in Germany, Austria, or Switzerland ( They may be eligible to work in a variety of employment venues including business organizations (i.e. Porsche, BMW, Airbus, Siemens, Infineon, Nestle, Wacker chemical plants), banks (i.e. Stadtssparkasse München), health clinics, nursery facilities, stores (i.e. Edeka Markets; Migros in Switzerland), Kindergärten, or hotels, depending on their language skills.