Spanish Author Laura Freixas

laurafreixas(SONOMA STATE UNIVERSITY) Spanish author and journalist Laura Freixas will speak in 3001 Schulz on Tuesday, November 6th, at 2 PM

Laura Freixas (Barcelona, 1958) studied at the French School in her home city. She got a BA degree in Law in 1980 but she has always been dedicated to writing. She was first known in 1988 for her collection of short stories, El asesino en la muñeca (The Wrist Murderer). In 1997 her first novel Último domingo en Londres (Last Sunday in London) was published, followed by Entre amigas (Just between Friends, 1998) and Amor o lo que sea (Love or Whatever It Is, 2005).  Her latest book is the novel Los otros son más felices (Other people are happier, 2011). 

Laura was born and raised in Francoist Spain. As a Catalan woman author she grew up in a region that suffered severe repression from the dictatorial regime. She will be discussing Spanish and Catalan Nationalism and how and why she became an author during the tumultuous time of transition to democracy in Spain.

Don't miss her presentation "How I became a writer, thanks to my mother, Franco and Simone de Beauvoir" Tuesday, November 6th, at 2 PM in Schulz 3001!

Laura's summary:

How boring was Spain in the sixties! How grey and uneventful life seemed for a girl born then and there!... Later on, she would discover that under the ashes lay many a lost illusion: her paternal grandparents had belonged to a Catalan nationalist party, her maternal grandfather had been an Anarchist. All of them had renounced their political dreams and accepted a Fascist dictatorship in exchange for peace and  modest prosperity. Franco would hopefully die one day. But for the moment, the only life worth living was that of the imagination: reading novels. And hopefully writing them, too, since the only women one could admire and dream of imitating were writers. This is how a literary vocation was born…