Can I migrate my WebCT courses to Moodle?

SSU has a migration tool that will move course content from WebCT to Moodle. IT will move content from all WebCT course sites from Spring 2009 through Spring 2010 to Moodle by request. If you want WebCT content from a course taught prior to Spring 2009, please contact the Web Office at to make arrangements for migration of this content.

This migration tools does a good job moving your content, but the resulting Moodle course may not be organized just as your WebCT was organized, and it won't automatically have links to activity tools like discussion forums or assignments. Think of it as a careful moving company that treats your possessions with care, but doesn't know where they belong in the new house. What you expected to be in the dining room, might end up in the bedroom or on the front lawn. Once the migration tool has done its work, you will need to review the new Moodle course and you may need to reorganize things and add any desired activities.

To help you with this we are holding special Moodle Migration Workshops. See the IT Training Calendar for the list of workshops dates and times, and to register.