WebCT-using faculty: it's time to pack your bags for the move to Moodle!

webct_logo_moodle.jpgFaculty who use WebCT should check their email inboxes for a message about migrating WebCT courses to Moodle. The email was sent on September 7, 2010 from the email address moodle@sonoma.edu. If you don't see it in your inbox, check your junkmail folder.

Moodle is the Learning Management System that will replace WebCT for Spring 2011.

Active Participation Needed

Moving courses from WebCT to Moodle is much like moving from one house to another. The moving company can load up belongings and haul them to the new home, but you have to unpack your valuables, and decide where to place them. It's the same with WebCT and Moodle. IT will move WebCT course files to a Migration Staging Moodle course. IT and the Library will provide training sessions to help faculty learn what do to with your content in Moodle, how to add activities and other resources. IT and the Library will also provide one-on-one consulting to help faculty use Moodle effectively.

Migration Process Outline

  1. Reply to the Sept. 7 moodle@sonoma.edu email to confirm the courses to migrate.
  2. Register for a Moodle Migration Workshop.
  3. View two brief (less than 10 minutes total) Moodle training videos at lynda.com before attending the workshop.
  4. Attend a Moodle Migration Workshop.
  5. Make desired changes to the migrated course(s) in Moodle.

After the workshop, Moodle Migration Team members from IT and the University Library will be available to assist faculty one-on-one. Check your email for full details and links.

If I migrate now, will I still be able to use WebCT this fall?

Yes, you'll continue to use WebCT for your Fall 2010 courses, and Intersession 2011. Migrating your course copies it to moodle, where you can start preparing for next Spring.

Can I avoid the Migration Process?

If you'd rather pack light, leave your old furniture behind, and start fresh in a new town, go for it. Be aware that IT can't guarantee your course content can be migrated later if you change your mind. IT will be offering introductory workshops and other moodle training opportunities, starting in mid-October. Also, faculty can check out the Lynda.com "Moodle Essentials for Teachers" video series.